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Saltstack MasterMinion show_highstate attempt
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Functions to interact with the state compiler on the master
from __future__ import absolute_import
import pprint
# Import salt libs
import salt.utils.minion
def show_highstate(minion, saltenv='base', **kwargs):
Returns the compiled top data for pillar for a specified minion. If no
minion is specified, we use the first minion we find.
CLI Example:
.. code-block:: bash
salt-run highstate_magic.show_highstate
id_, grains, pillar = salt.utils.minions.get_minion_data(minion, __opts__)
local_minion_opts = __opts__.copy()
local_minion_opts['id'] = id_
local_minion_opts['grains'] = grains
local_minion_opts['pillar'] = pillar
local_minion_opts['env'] = saltenv
local_minion_opts['master_uri'] = 'tcp://'
local_minion_opts['file_client'] = 'local'
mminion = salt.minion.MasterMinion(local_minion_opts)
mmhighstate = mminion.functions['state.show_highstate'](local_minion_opts)
return mmhighstate
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