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Created February 20, 2020 17:22
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pico Primer for Competitors - Shell Chapter - Got Shell? Section
Q.1: What does `Q0h313th` mean?
A.1: The user named "Q0h313th" is logged into this shell
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Hhhhh so funny 😃

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ST2112 commented Jan 13, 2023

Hey Q0h313th: is anything new under the sun?

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syreal17 commented Feb 2, 2023

@ST2112 It's all a chasing after the wind, but men fly like birds and cast their images across thousands of miles. Entire cities can be leveled in seconds and we know about worlds not under our sun. I wonder if the Teacher would still say there is nothing new under the sun?

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dgsm68 commented Sep 2, 2023

Gracias por el aporte..!

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cadom22 commented Sep 12, 2023


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Thigal0 commented Sep 22, 2023

:-) thx

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it is username

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thanks for the knowledge!.

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