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Created December 15, 2019 11:55
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Composite all hillshade layers into a single GeoTIFF
# Combine all hillshade layers into a single GeoTIFF
# Requires (which uses GDAL Python bindings)
require '/usr/local/share/ruby/ffi-mapnik/lib/ffi-mapnik.rb'
require 'nokogiri'
# Choose directory and stylesheet paths
dir = "/usr/local/share/maps/relief"
ss = "/usr/local/share/maps/style/stylesheet.xml"
# Create a copy of the Mapnik style with all non-hillshade layers disabled
doc = Nokogiri::XML("Layer").each do |layer|
next if ["hillshade","relief","coloured_relief"].include?(layer['name'])
layer['status'] = 'off'
File.write("/tmp/hillshade.xml", doc.to_xml)
# Iterate through all files...
Dir.glob("#{dir}/*_hs3.tif").each do |fn|
puts File.basename(fn)
outfn = fn.gsub("_hs3.tif","_all.tif")
# Read image dimensions and coordinate information from original GeoTIFF
gdal = `gdalinfo "#{fn}"`
if gdal=~/Size is (\d+), (\d+)/ then width=$1.to_i; height=$2.to_i else puts "Couldn't find size"; exit end
if gdal=~/Upper Left .\s*([\-\d\.]+),\s*([\-\d\.]+)/ then w=$1.to_f; n=$2.to_f else puts "Couldn't find upper left "; exit end
if gdal=~/Lower Right .\s*([\-\d\.]+),\s*([\-\d\.]+)/ then e=$1.to_f; s=$2.to_f else puts "Couldn't find lower right"; exit end
puts "-- size #{width}x#{height}, bounds #{w},#{s},#{e},#{n}"
# Generate image with Mapnik
map =,10)
outbox =,s,e,n)
# Reinstate original GeoTIFF information
` "#{fn}" "#{outfn}"`
puts "-> #{outfn}"
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