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Sean Zhu szhu

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View get-crunchbase-uuid-from-page.js
let clientAppState = JSON.parse($("#client-app-state").text.replace(/&q;/g, '"'))
let { HttpState } = clientAppState
let route = Object.keys(HttpState)[0]
View devtools-override-sync
set -euo pipefail
mkdir -p tmp/overrides/webpack%3a/%2e
while true; do
while IFS= read -r -d '' override_file
file=$(echo "$override_file" | python -c 'import re, sys; print re.split("^tmp/overrides/webpack%3a/%2e/|%3f.*$",[1]')
cp -f "$override_file" "$file"
szhu / selfcompile.m
Last active May 14, 2018 — forked from n-b/selfcompile.m
A simple self-compiling objective-c file
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/* 2>/dev/null
[[ -e "$COMPILED" ]] || clang $0 -o "$COMPILED" -framework Foundation
exec "$COMPILED" $@
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
# Backwards compatibility for fish 2.0.0
not contains source (builtin -n)
and alias source .
szhu / com.interestinglythere.sendtokindle.plist
Last active Mar 26, 2018
Small daemon to send documents to your Kindle and eject it every time it's connected
View com.interestinglythere.sendtokindle.plist
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
szhu / 1. Unobfuscated 11717.doc.vb
Created Jan 14, 2017
Word macro virus in received email
View 1. Unobfuscated 11717.doc.vb
Sub AutoOpen()
If (True) Then
If (True) Then
If (False) Then
If (False) Then
Select Case Empty
Case Empty
tyqegexl = False
View setup-background-screensaver.bash
# Set your desktop background to your screen saver.
# Install and activate with:
# curl -fsSL | bash
# The screen saver is visible only on desktops created before the screen saver
# was started. If you create a desktop and wish to see the screen saver on it
# immediately, just do:
# open -a ScreenSaverEngine
# to bring it in front of the default desktop background. You can also add
View gapps-config.txt
# Read more about gapps-config file here:
# Prevent automatic removal
# +Browser # Stock Browser
# +CameraStock # Stock Camera
# +Email # Stock Email
# +Gallery # Stock Gallery
# +Launcher # Stock Launcher(s)
verbose() {
echo "$@"
power-softrestart() {
verbose adb shell "su -c 'killall zygote'"
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