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Created Jun 9, 2020
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Shapeless Intro
import shapeless._
val oneHello = 1 :: "hello" :: Nil
val oneHello = 1 :: "hello" :: HNil
final case class User(name: String, age: Int)
val genericUser = Generic[User]
type GenericUserType = genericUser.Repr
val user = User("Stephen", 42)
val userGen = Generic[User].to(user)
val backToUser = Generic[User].from(userGen)
val userLabelledGen = LabelledGeneric[User].to(user)
val backToUser = LabelledGeneric[User].from(userLabelledGen)
val name: "name" = "name"
sealed trait Shape
case class Circle(radius: Int) extends Shape
case class Rectangle(height: Int, width: Int) extends Shape
case object Point extends Shape
val genericShape = Generic[Shape]
val circleGen =, 3))
val backToCircle = genericShape.from(circleGen)
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