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Created Sep 9, 2012

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asof join in pandas
def diffCols(df1, df2):
""" Find columns in df1 not present in df2
Return df1.columns - df2.columns maintaining the order which the resulting
columns appears in df1.
df1 : pandas dataframe object
df2 : pandas dataframe objct
Pandas already offers df1.columns - df2.columns, but unfortunately
the original order of the resulting columns is not maintained.
return [i for i in df1.columns if i not in df2.columns]
def aj(df1, df2, overwriteColumns=True, inplace=False):
""" KDB+ like asof join.
Finds prevailing values of df2 asof df1's index. The resulting dataframe
will have same number of rows as df1.
df1 : Pandas dataframe
df2 : Pandas dataframe
overwriteColumns : boolean, default True
The columns of df2 will overwrite the columns of df1 if they have the same
name unless overwriteColumns is set to False. In that case, this function
will only join columns of df2 which are not present in df1.
inplace : boolean, default False.
If True, adds columns of df2 to df1. Otherwise, create a new dataframe with
columns of both df1 and df2.
*Assumes both df1 and df2 have datetime64 index. """
joiner = lambda x : x.asof(df1.index)
if not overwriteColumns:
# Get columns of df2 not present in df1
cols = diffCols(df2, df1)
if len(cols) > 0:
df2 = df2.ix[:,cols]
result = df2.apply(joiner)
if inplace:
for i in result.columns:
df1[i] = result[i]
return df1
return result

pandas 0.19 now has a proper asof join. If your DataFrames have a timestamp column, then just

pd.merge_asof(df1, df2, on='timestamp')

It looks like merge_asof always chooses values that are smaller than the key but are not necessary the closest. For example if we have:

   T     V1
   1.0   A
   T     V2
   0.1   C
   1.1   D

now if we merge_asof(df1, df2, on='T')
we get

   T     V1 V2
   1.0   A   C

Is it possible to change the behavior to look for closest value from above or below to get this:

   T     V1 V2
   1.0   A   D

@gpavlov2016 I have added "nearest" direction as a request to this issue:


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