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Last active Dec 22, 2015
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Clojure generating squares with colors.
(def FILES "abcdefgh")
(def RANKS (range 1 9))
(def squares (for [f FILES r RANKS] {:file f :rank r :name (str f r)}))
(defn opposite-color [col] (if (= col :light) :dark :light))
(defn alternate-colors [start-with]
(lazy-seq (cons start-with (alternate-colors (opposite-color start-with)))))
(def file-first-square-color (take 8 (alternate-colors :dark)))
(def square-colors
(->> (map #(take 8 (alternate-colors %)) file-first-square-color) concat flatten))
(def squares-with-colors
(map #(assoc % :color %2) squares square-colors)
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