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Working on Consul. Learning with GradientHub.

Thomas Eckert t-eckert

Working on Consul. Learning with GradientHub.
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t-eckert / list
Last active Aug 11, 2022
Consul K8s Envoy Debugging Sample Outputs
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Namespace: All Namespaces
Namespace Name Type
consul consul-ingress-gateway-6fb5544485-br6fl Ingress Gateway
consul consul-ingress-gateway-6fb5544485-m54sp Ingress Gateway
default backend-658b679b45-d5xlb Sidecar
default client-767ccfc8f9-6f6gx Sidecar
default client-767ccfc8f9-f8nsn Sidecar
default client-767ccfc8f9-ggrtx Sidecar
default frontend-676564547c-v2mfq Sidecar
t-eckert / output.txt
Created May 3, 2022
Envoy Config Output for Consul Service
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consul-ingress-gateway-6fb5544485-7jfjw Proxy Configuration
Name Address:Port Direction Filter Chain Match Destination Cluster Last Updated
envoy_ready_listener Inbound 2022-04-26T16:58:50.568Z
http: Outbound server 2022-04-26T16:59:46.751Z
Name Type Status Valid Valid from Valid to
t-eckert / output.txt
Last active May 3, 2022
Envoy Config Output for Consul Service
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client-767ccfc8f9-4wb5w Proxy Configuration
Name FQDN Endpoint Type Last Updated
server server.default.dc1.internal.2133e92c-c542-8fde-d388-5817ab6f149f.consul EDS 2022-05-01T03:11:50.231Z
local_agent Static 2022-04-26T16:59:42.572Z
local_app Static 2022-04-26T16:59:42.623Z
original-destination Original DST
t-eckert / pod-envoy-config.json
Created Apr 8, 2022
Example Envoy Configuration for a Pod in Consul
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"configs": [
"@type": "",
"bootstrap": {
"node": {
"id": "client-767ccfc8f9-7t6zr-client-sidecar-proxy",
"cluster": "client",
"metadata": {
"partition": "default",
t-eckert /
Created Jan 4, 2022
Archivist: A script for downloading all of your GitHub repositories


My buddy Mikhail wanted to download all of his GitHub repositories for safekeeping. I wrote this script for him to do that.

How to use it

Copy the file to your computer.

Create a virtual environment and activate it.

t-eckert /
Created Dec 10, 2021
Manual testing scenarios for CLI Upgrade

Testing Scenarios for Consul K8s CLI Upgrade

t-eckert / longest.go
Created Aug 30, 2021
Solution to the latest cassidoo challenge
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package longest
func longestPrefix(words []string) string {
if len(words) == 0 {
return ""
common := make([]rune, 0, len(words[0]))
for i, letter := range words[0] {
for _, word := range words[0:] {
t-eckert / redistribute_chars.go
Last active Jun 30, 2021
Go Solution to LeetCode 1897
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package main
import (
/* Redistribute Characters to Make All Strings Equal
LeetCode 1897:
t-eckert /
Last active Jun 1, 2021
Haskell's `inits` in Python
from typing import Iterable
def inits(items: Iterable) -> list[Iterable]:
"""Given an iterable, returns all of its prefixes in ascending order of length
items: Iterable items whose prefixes will be returned
list[Iterable] prefixes of the iterable
Given an integer n, return true if n^3 and n have the same set of digits.
def same_digits(n: int) -> bool:
return set(str(n)) == set(str(n**3))
def print_and_assert(expected, actual):
print("expected = " + str(expected))
print("actual = " + str(actual) + "\n")