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Created Dec 24, 2017

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Small function to iterative over a time range
from datetime import datetime
from time import sleep
def trange(start=None, end=None, interval=1):
now =
if start is None:
start = now
start = start.timestamp()
if end is not None:
end = end.timestamp()
if start > now:
sleep(start - now)
now = start
i = 1
while end is None or now < end:
now =
target = start + i * interval
if target > now:
sleep(target - now)
now = target
i += 1
if __name__ == '__main__':
from datetime import timedelta
print(, "Starts now, end in 5 seconds, interval 1")
for t in trange( + timedelta(seconds=5)):
print(, "Starts in 5 seconds, ends in 10 seconds, interval 1")
for t in trange( + timedelta(seconds=5), + timedelta(seconds=10)):
print(, "Starts now, never ends, interval 5")
for t in trange(interval=5):
sleep(2) # as long as it's less than the interval it will work
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