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Created August 9, 2012 17:37
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Build and display an animated text-based progress bar in python

This started out as a fork of the progress bar class which I first hosted on ActiveState Code.

It builds a text progress bar and displays it with the draw() method.

The methods are showcased below:

from progressBar import progressBar

# Initiates the progessBar
prog = progressBar(maxValue = 50)

# Uses appendAmount to set current value (20).
# Draws the progress bar only if it has changed from previous draw() call.

# Uses appendAmount to increment the current value (20+2).
# Draws the progress bar only if it has changed from previous draw() call.

# Uses updatePercentage to set the percentage to the given value (74% of 50).
# Draws the progress bar only if it has changed from previous draw() call.

A typical usage would be to give progress information on network operations, such as a file copy. The maxValue would be set to the size of the file to transfer, and since the operation is buffered, the length of the buffered would be added to the value using appendAmount(buffer) on each iteration.

import sys
class progressBar:
""" Builds and display a text-based progress bar. """
def __init__(self, minValue = 0, maxValue = 100, totalWidth=75):
""" Initializes the progress bar. """
self.progBar = "" # This holds the progress bar string
self.oldprogBar = ""
self.min = minValue
self.max = maxValue
self.span = maxValue - minValue
self.width = totalWidth
self.amount = 0 # When amount == max, we are 100% done
self.updateAmount(0) # Build progress bar string
def appendAmount(self, append):
""" Increases the current amount of the value of append and
updates the progress bar to new ammount. """
self.updateAmount(self.amount + append)
def updatePercentage(self, newPercentage):
""" Updates the progress bar to the new percentage. """
self.updateAmount((newPercentage * float(self.max)) / 100.0)
def updateAmount(self, newAmount = 0):
""" Update the progress bar with the new amount (with min and max
values set at initialization; if it is over or under, it takes the
min or max value as a default. """
if newAmount < self.min: newAmount = self.min
if newAmount > self.max: newAmount = self.max
self.amount = newAmount
# Figure out the new percent done, round to an integer
diffFromMin = float(self.amount - self.min)
percentDone = (diffFromMin / float(self.span)) * 100.0
percentDone = int(round(percentDone))
# Figure out how many hash bars the percentage should be
allFull = self.width - 2
numHashes = (percentDone / 100.0) * allFull
numHashes = int(round(numHashes))
# Build a progress bar with an arrow of equal signs; special cases for
# empty and full
if numHashes == 0:
self.progBar = "[>%s]" % (' '*(allFull-1))
elif numHashes == allFull:
self.progBar = "[%s]" % ('='*allFull)
self.progBar = "[%s>%s]" % ('='*(numHashes-1), ' '*(allFull-numHashes))
# figure out where to put the percentage, roughly centered
percentPlace = (len(self.progBar) / 2) - len(str(percentDone))
percentString = str(percentDone) + "%"
# slice the percentage into the bar
self.progBar = ' '.join([self.progBar, percentString])
def draw(self):
""" Draws the progress bar if it has changed from it's previous value. """
if self.progBar != self.oldprogBar:
self.oldprogBar = self.progBar
sys.stdout.write(self.progBar + '\r')
sys.stdout.flush() # force updating of screen
def __str__(self):
""" Returns the current progress bar. """
return str(self.progBar)
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