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Script to check stock at apple stores
For more part numbers for other phone models etc, look here:
import requests
import urllib
PARTS = {'verizon': {'silver': {'16G': 'MLM02LL/A', '64G': 'MLMG2LL/A'},
'gray': {'16G': 'MLLY2LL/A', '64G': 'MLMF2LL/A'},
'gold': {'16G': 'MLY52LL/A', '64G': 'MLY72LL/A'},
'rose': {'16G': 'MLY62LL/A', '64G': 'MLY82LL/A'}},
'at&t': {'silver': {'16G': 'MLLM2LL/A', '64G': 'MLM52LL/A'},
'gray': {'16G': 'MLLL2LL/A', '64G': 'MLM42LL/A'},
'gold': {'16G': 'MLXH2LL/A', '64G': 'MLXK2LL/A'},
'rose': {'16G': 'MLXJ2LL/A', '64G': 'MLXL2LL/A'}},
'unlocked': {'silver': {'16G': 'MLLX2LL/A', '64G': 'MLME2LL/A'},
'gray': {'16G': 'MLLW2LL/A', '64G': 'MLMD2LL/A'},
'gold': {'16G': 'MLY12LL/A', '64G': 'MLY32LL/A'},
'rose': {'16G': 'MLY22LL/A', '64G': 'MLY42LL/A'}}}
def make_reverse_lookup():
lookup = {}
for carrier in PARTS:
for color in PARTS[carrier]:
for storage in PARTS[carrier][color]:
lookup[PARTS[carrier][color][storage]] = "{} {} {}".format(carrier, color, storage)
return lookup
def build_url(part_number_list, zipcode):
query_dict = {'location': zipcode}
for i, part in enumerate(part_number_list):
query_dict['parts.'+str(i)] = part
query = urllib.parse.urlencode(query_dict)
return BASE_URL + query
def check_stock(url, max_stores=5):
lookup = make_reverse_lookup()
response = requests.get(url)
data = response.json()
for store in data['body']['stores'][:max_stores]:
for part, status in store['partsAvailability'].items():
print("{:20} {:10} at {}".format(lookup[part], status['pickupDisplay'], store['storeDisplayName']))
if __name__ == "__main__":
zipcode = '02138'
partslist = [PARTS['verizon']['silver']['64G'],
url = build_url(partslist, zipcode)
check_stock(url, max_stores=5)
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