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Last active May 4, 2017
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How-To Promote from devel: to testing: for onyx


This describes how to promote all packages from devel: repo to testing: repo on

Get all package names and make a shell script for use with OSC

curl -O
python >

Copy all packages


Download the whole project

rm -r nemo:testing:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE
osc co nemo:testing:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE

If this fails just rerun until it finishes.

Remove all Webhooks

cd nemo:testing:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE
find -maxdepth 2 -name _service -exec sed -i '/<service name="webhook">/,/<\/service>/d' {} \;

Push to OBS

Ensure you are in nemo:testing:hw:$VENDOR:$DEVICE

osc ci
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