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Created Nov 24, 2016
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Keep Construct Last CC Phase
Our basic job:
Mentally draw a straight line from entrance to the opposite side through boss/centre of the room: two Projections spawn at two statues on each side of this line at the start of each boss phase(100%, 66%, 33%). We kill the first one fast, let the second one reach us and then kill the second one fast. When the second projection dies, boss gets a breakbar and we cc him to go to green circle phase.
While killing projections after 33% hp(after we stack at a lit statue and dodge slam from KC):
1. boss has pink aura around his feet: stay out of it at all costs.
2. boss does rotating cone attack: all stack in one place for heals/buffs and try to dodge the rotating cones but make sure not to dodge into incoming cones
3. rocks fall onto the ground, try to dodge if multiple circles overlap under you, otherwise they don't do too much damage, you can also just step outside of them.
4. when we get time bomb, don't go too far away. Use defensive skills if you have any.
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