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Created Apr 6, 2016
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:source-paths #{"src/cljs"}
:resource-paths #{"resources/public"}
:dependencies '[[org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0" :scope "test"]
[boot/core "2.5.1"]
[adzerk/boot-cljs "1.7.228-1" :scope "test"]
[adzerk/boot-cljs-repl "0.3.0" :scope "test"]
[com.cemerick/piggieback "0.2.1" :scope "test"]
[weasel "0.7.0" :scope "test"]
[org.clojure/tools.nrepl "0.2.12" :scope "test"]
[adzerk/boot-reload "0.4.7" :scope "test"]
[pandeiro/boot-http "0.7.3" :scope "test"]
[crisptrutski/boot-cljs-test "0.2.2-SNAPSHOT" :scope "test"]
[org.clojure/clojurescript "1.8.40" :scope "test"]
[ring "1.4.0" :scope "test"]
[reagent "0.6.0-alpha" :scope "test"]
[tolitius/boot-check "0.1.1" :scope "test"]
[cljsjs/chance "0.7.3-0" :scope "test"]])
'[adzerk.boot-cljs :refer [cljs]]
'[adzerk.boot-cljs-repl :refer [cljs-repl start-repl]]
'[adzerk.boot-reload :refer [reload]]
'[pandeiro.boot-http :refer [serve]]
'[crisptrutski.boot-cljs-test :refer [test-cljs]]
'[tolitius.boot-check :as check])
(deftask lint []
(set-env! :source-paths #{"src/cljs" "test/cljs"})
(deftask run []
(deftask production []
(task-options! cljs {:optimizations :advanced})
(target :dir #{"target/prod"}))
(deftask prod
"Simple alias to run application in production mode"
(deftask development []
(task-options! cljs {:optimizations :none
:source-map true
reload {:on-jsload 'jslib-tests.client/init})
(target :dir #{"target/dev"}))
(deftask dev
"Simple alias to run application in development mode"
(deftask testing []
(set-env! :source-paths #(conj % "test/cljs"))
;;; This prevents a name collision WARNING between the test task and
;;; clojure.core/test, a function that nobody really uses or cares
;;; about.
(ns-unmap 'boot.user 'test)
(deftask test-once []
(comp (testing)
(test-cljs :js-env :phantom
:exit? true)))
(deftask test []
(comp (testing)
(test-cljs :js-env :phantom)))
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