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Created Feb 3, 2012
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=== 1.9.3-p0
✗ time (rails runner 'puts(1)')
6.33s user 0.69s system 99% cpu 7.027 total
✗ time (rspec spec)
1736/1736: 100% |==========================================| Time: 00:00:34
42.32s user 1.52s system 92% cpu 47.279 total
=== 1.9.3-p0-perf
✗ time (rails runner 'puts(1)')
4.03s user 0.63s system 99% cpu 4.670 total
✗ time (rspec spec)
35.05s user 1.47s system 92% cpu 39.456 total
=== 1.9.3-p0-perf with GC tweaks
✗ time (rails runner 'puts(1)')
3.51s user 0.67s system 99% cpu 4.198 total
✗ time (rspec spec)
27.59s user 1.51s system 90% cpu 32.145 total
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