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Timothy Addison taddison

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taddison / Select.js
Created Dec 12, 2019
React select with styled components
View Select.js
import React from "react";
import styled from "styled-components";
const MinorSelect =`
appearance: none;
background-color: #edf2f7;
border: 0.0625rem solid grey;
border-radius: 0.5rem;
font-size: 1.5rem;
padding: 1rem;
View ssrsExtractDatasets.sql
USE ReportServer
drop table if exists #reports;
/* 2016 Reports */
'' AS rd
,'' as df
View appinsights-sql-check.cs
using Microsoft.ApplicationInsights;
using Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.DependencyCollector;
using Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.Extensibility;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
taddison / postToLogAnalytics.ps1
Created Aug 26, 2018
Post an object to Log Analytics with PowerShell
View postToLogAnalytics.ps1
# Adapted from
Function Get-LogAnalyticsSignature {
Param (
taddison / avroreader.cs
Created Aug 17, 2018
Read Avro EventHubs capture file (credit @Kadajski)
View avroreader.cs
using Microsoft.Hadoop.Avro.Container;
using Newtonsoft.Json;
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
namespace AvroReader
public class AvroEventData
taddison / RestartServiceUsingMemory.ps1
Created Jul 13, 2018
Restart a windows service using more memory than a given cutoff
View RestartServiceUsingMemory.ps1
#requires -RunAsAdministrator
$serviceName = "BITS"
$cutoffGB = 0.0001
$processId = (Get-WMIObject win32_service | where { $ -eq $serviceName}).ProcessID
$process = Get-Process -Id $processId
$workingSet = $process.WorkingSet64
$workingSetGB = $workingSet / 1GB
taddison / find_describe_tag.ps1
Created Jul 5, 2018
Find the first tag value for a describe block in a pester test file
View find_describe_tag.ps1
$text = Get-Content .\src\SQLChecks\Tests\Databases.tests.ps1
$ast = [Management.Automation.Language.Parser]::ParseInput($text, [ref]$null, [ref]$null)
$t -is [System.Management.Automation.Language.CommandAst] -and
$t.CommandElements[0].Value -eq "Describe"
}, $true) | ForEach-Object {
taddison / ConfigureDBMailWithSendGrid.sql
Created Apr 23, 2018
Configure DBMail with SendGrid
View ConfigureDBMailWithSendGrid.sql
declare @mailFromDomain nvarchar(128) = N''
declare @username nvarchar(128) = 'apikey'
declare @password nvarchar(128) = 'SG.SECRETS';
declare @port int = 587;
declare @server nvarchar(128) = ''
declare @replyTo nvarchar(128) = 'donotreply' + @mailFromDomain;
declare @serverName nvarchar(128) = substring(@@servername,8,100);
declare @emailAddress nvarchar(128) = @serverName + @mailFromDomain;
declare @displayName nvarchar(128) = @serverName;
taddison / removedbmailnondefault.sql
Last active Apr 24, 2018
Remove all non-default profiles + accounts from DBMail
View removedbmailnondefault.sql
declare @defaultProfileId int;
select @defaultProfileId = pp.profile_id
from dbo.sysmail_principalprofile as pp
where pp.principal_sid = 0x00 /* Guest */
and pp.is_default = 1
if @defaultProfileId is null
;throw 50000, 'No default profile set', 1
taddison / addappinsights.ps1
Created Apr 23, 2018
Add app insights perf counters
View addappinsights.ps1
$cred = Get-Credential -UserName "foo\admin"
$servers = @("server1","server2")
foreach($server in $servers)
Invoke-Command -ComputerName $server -Credential $cred -ScriptBlock {
Add-LocalGroupMember -Group "Performance Monitor Users" -Member "foo\service1"
Add-LocalGroupMember -Group "Performance Monitor Users" -Member "foo\service2"
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