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Working from home

Tadeo Barranco tadeobarranco

Working from home
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  • Custom theme (extended from porto theme)
  • Logo
  • Banners
  • Product info banners
  • Upload all new media



Technical Training:

  • UI Export Button Component in Magento 2
    • Results:
      • Custom button to export csv trhough admin for FedEx
      • UI Components knowledge
    • Products:
  • Adming area for FedEx Connect Product Info


He started working in his actual job as a Trainee Engineer, then he growth as a Mid Senior, Senior, and finish as a Project Manager (it is most like a Technical Lead, he has contact with the merchants but still developing)

He has experience working wiht scrum, some times as Scrum master, other times as prodcut owner, and some as developer.

About php his knowledge is strong, he has experience editing the server configurations with the php.ini, also he has some expertise working with woocomerce, the ecommerce plugin for wordpress, editing the database, creting new functions, etc.

  • Technical lead
  • Scrum master

How are your goals going?

  • Lentas, por la carga de trabajo del día a día

Do you understand the goals, mission, vision, values of the company?

  • Si pero es confuso que estamos siguiendo a veces, cual tiene más valor (negocio vs personas)

Are you embracing the values of the company?

  • Considero que si.

How do you feel with the working environment of the company?


  1. Installation:
    • composer
    • module:enable
    • setup:upgrade
  1. Config:
    • Main system configuration
    • International checkout system configuration
    • Get system configuration values
  • Login into AWS
  • In the list of services click on EC2 (or whatever you need)
  • Once inside EC2 aws services, you should click on the blue "Launch Instance" button
  • Then you need to select the machine image you want to install
  • Choose an instance type (vCPUs, memory, instance storage, etc)
  • Go to Review and Launch it
  • When ask you for a key pair, create new if you don't have any
  • Download the key pair before lunch (you won't be able to download it after)
  • Copy that .pem into yout ~/.ssh/ folder
  • chmod 600 ~/.ssh/newkeypair.pem

3 Modulos

PurpleMain - Core PurpleMonitoring - Popup tracking de seguimiento PrupleWebApp - Popup Checkout

No se necesita equipo de usabilidad o frontend

En todos las llamadas al API nos retornan el HTML que vamos a renderear.

tadeobarranco /
Last active June 12, 2017 23:21
Magento Unit Plan

Como hemos hablado, necesitamos desarrollar una serie de temas y módulos que nos serviran para construir un sistema de creación e instalación rápida de una tienda en Magento 2, para lograr el objetivo final voy a separar el trabajo que necesitamos hacer en 3 diferentes seccines.

  1. Desarrollo de módulos
  2. Desarrollo de temas (utilizando los módulos)
  3. Desarrollo de sistema para instalación rápida.

Desarrollo de módulos