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A simple shell script to quickly / easily install "pacaur" on archlinux
# !!! IMPORTANT !!!
# As of 2017-12-14, pacaur is unmaintained (
# For alternatives see the arch wiki:
# pacaur seems to get occasional updates to fix breaking changes due to pacman updates though.
# If you are new to arch, I encourage you to at least read and understand what
# this script does befor blindley running it.
# That's why I didn't make a one-liner out of it so you have an easier time
# reading and understanding it :)
# This scripts purpose is purly to save you a few seconds on your new installation.
# Enjoy your time on an awesome system. Arch FTW!
# Run the following from a terminal to install pacaur:
# $ curl -s | bash
# In case you can't copy&paste you may use this shortend version. Keep in mind that
# does tracking and analytics. You have been warned :)
# $ curl -Ls | bash
# Aforementioned statistics are public and can be accesed here (If you're interested):
# Make sure our shiny new arch is up-to-date
echo "Checking for system updates..."
sudo pacman -Syu
# Create a tmp-working-dir and navigate into it
mkdir -p /tmp/pacaur_install
cd /tmp/pacaur_install
# If you didn't install the "base-devel" group,
# we'll need those.
sudo pacman -S binutils make gcc fakeroot pkg-config --noconfirm --needed
# Install pacaur dependencies from arch repos
sudo pacman -S expac yajl git --noconfirm --needed
# Install "cower" from AUR
if [ ! -n "$(pacman -Qs cower)" ]; then
curl -o PKGBUILD
makepkg PKGBUILD --skippgpcheck --install --needed
# Install "pacaur" from AUR
if [ ! -n "$(pacman -Qs pacaur)" ]; then
curl -o PKGBUILD
makepkg PKGBUILD --install --needed
# Clean up...
cd ~
rm -r /tmp/pacaur_install
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i needed to manually install pkg-config (dependency of cower i think)

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Confirmed - on a fresh build I needed pkg-config as well. Process worked fine otherwise.

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MPlanting commented Jul 24, 2017

Nice script! However, I had to run the script twice in order to install both (cower and pacaur) packages.

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mrnhmath commented Aug 1, 2017

^ Me too.

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^ me too

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Awesome work!

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When I first ran this script I didn't have pacaur but I did have cower. Running

git clone && cd pacaur && makepkg -i && cd -

installed pacaur.
Useful script, nevertheless!

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I just wanted to mention, that you should change pkg-config to pkgconf cause of the recent changes made by arch.
I also created a fork which includes the "patch" and the --color=always flag.
( Fork )


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