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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import codecs
import csv
import urllib.request
import json
import redis
import sys
from urllib.error import URLError
rental_flags = {
'KEY': 1,
'PHONE': 128,
station_data_size = []
def encode_rental_methods(method_list):
"Encodes the rental method list as an integer"
code = 0x00
for method in method_list:
code |= rental_flags.get(method, 0)
return code
def decode_rental_methods(code):
rental_methods = []
for method, flag in rental_flags.items():
if code & flag == flag:
return sorted(rental_methods, key=lambda x: rental_flags[x])
def station_status_feed_url(main_feed):
"Find the station status feed url from the main feed results"
subfeed_urls = main_feed['data']['en']['feeds']
for subfeed in subfeed_urls:
if subfeed['name'] == 'station_information':
return subfeed['url']
return None
def system_information_feed_url(main_feed):
subfeed_urls = main_feed['data']['en']['feeds']
for subfeed in subfeed_urls:
if subfeed['name'] == 'system_information':
return subfeed['url']
return None
def fetch_url(url):
"Fetches a gbfs feed url and parses the feed into JSON objects"
with urllib.request.urlopen(url) as resp:
if resp.status != 200:
raise Exception("Failed to load url: {} status = {}".format(url, resp.status))
raw_feed =
feed = json.loads(raw_feed)
return feed
except URLError as urlerr:
print("Failed to load url: {} ({})".format(url, str(urlerr)))
return None
def fetch_csv(csvurl):
"Fetches the list of known GBFS feeds from master csv list"
with urllib.request.urlopen(csvurl) as resp:
if resp.status != 200:
raise Exception("Failed to load url {} status = {}".format(csvurl, resp.status))
feedlist = []
gbfs_csv_reader = csv.DictReader(codecs.iterdecode(resp, 'utf-8'))
for row in gbfs_csv_reader:
feedlist.append((row['Name'], row['Location'], row['Auto-Discovery URL']))
return feedlist
def load_system_info(r, system_info_url):
"Loads the system information feed and returns the system id"
system_info_feed = fetch_url(system_info_url)
system_id = system_info_feed['data']['system_id']
key = "{}:system_info".format(system_id)
r.hmset(key, system_info_feed['data'])
return system_id
def load_station_info(r, system_id, station_info_url):
"Takes the station info url and parses the results into JSON objects"
# parse feed into JSON
info_feed = fetch_url(station_info_url)
# fetch station data
updated_at = info_feed['last_updated']
stations = info_feed['data']['stations']
# check for the existence of stations, some feeds don't have them
if not stations:
# define keys for data load
global_station_loc_key = "global:stations:location"
station_set_key = "{}:stations".format(system_id)
station_loc_key = "{}:stations:location".format(system_id)
staging_key_station_set = "staging:{}:stations".format(system_id)
# get the current set of stations for the system
current_stations = r.smembers(station_set_key)
# iteratively load stations into staging keys
for station in stations:
# encode rental methods for storage (optional field)
if 'rental_methods' in station.keys():
station['rental_methods'] = encode_rental_methods(station['rental_methods'])
station['updated_at'] = updated_at
station_key = "{}:station:{}".format(system_id, station['station_id'])
# build a txn to update the station data
p = r.pipeline(transaction=True)
p.hmset(station_key, station)
p.sadd(station_set_key, station_key)
p.execute_command("GEOADD", global_station_loc_key, station['lon'], station['lat'], station_key)
p.execute_command("GEOADD", station_loc_key, station['lon'], station['lat'], station_key)
# remove station from list of old stations
# remove any of the old stations
for station in current_stations:
station_key = "{}:station:{}".format(system_id, station)
p = r.pipeline(transaction=True)
p.srem(station_key, station)
p.zrem(global_station_loc_key, station_key)
p.zrem(station_loc_key, station_key)
def process_feed(r, feed_url):
"Processes the mail feed and loads data into Redis"
feed = fetch_url(feed_url)
if feed is None:
raise Exception("Unable to load discovery feed: " + feed_url)
system_info_url = system_information_feed_url(feed)
if system_info_url is None:
raise Exception("Unable to find system information feed")
station_info_url = station_status_feed_url(feed)
if station_info_url is None:
raise Exception("Unable to find station information feed")
system_id = load_system_info(r, system_info_url)
r.sadd("geobike:systems", system_id)
load_station_info(r, system_id, station_info_url)
# notify intersted clients that fresh data was loaded
r.publish("geobike:station_changed", system_id)
def process_feed_list(r, master_csv):
"Parse the master csv file of known GBFS feeds"
for name, location, feed_url in fetch_csv(master_csv):
print("Processing feed for {} in {}".format(name, location))
process_feed(r, feed_url)
except Exception as e:
if __name__ == '__main__':
# provide your redis configuration infromation here
cfg = { 'host': 'localhost',
'port': 6379,
'password': None,
'ssl': False
master_feed_list = ""
r = redis.StrictRedis(**cfg, decode_responses=True)
process_feed_list(r, master_feed_list)
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