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Web mail service comparison


Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

How Gmail ads work

  • Googleはユーザーのメールをスキャンしない
  • Googleはユーザーの個人情報を売らない

A brief intro to ProtonMail’s design philosophy

What is zero-access encryption and why it is important for security

  • ProtonMailがユーザーデータにアクセスできなくする仕組み(対外とProton間のケース)
  • zero-accessよりe2eのほうが強い
  • プロトン間=e2e, 対外=zero-access

Privacy isn’t free. Here’s why that’s a good thing.

What is end-to-end encryption and how does it work?

Effective Spam Filtering with Encrypted Email

Encrypt Message for Non-ProtonMail Recipients

Why Switzerland? An Analysis of Swiss Privacy Laws

Impact of Swiss surveillance laws on secure email

Why ProtonMail Is More Secure Than Gmail

What is PGP encryption and how does it work?

How to use PGP

Introducing Address Verification and Full PGP Support

As G Suite gains traction in the enterprise, G Suite’s Gmail and consumer Gmail to more closely align

What Yahoo’s NSA Surveillance Means for Email Privacy

Is Privacy Under Attack?

Gmail’s privacy problem and why it matters

Don’t be fooled by Google’s fake privacy

The real problem with encryption backdoors

Google Will No Longer Scan Gmail for Ad Targeting

Tech’s ‘Dirty Secret’: The App Developers Sifting Through Your Gmail

‘Surveillance capitalism’ has gone rogue. We must curb its excesses.

さよならプライバシー あなたの恋愛も懐事情も丸裸!?

世界はまるで「監視資本主義」 横田や三沢、沖縄には監視設備も


Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Surveillance capitalism - Wikipedia


What the latest email spying scandal means for user privacy

Everything wrong with the EU’s proposals for gathering electronic evidence

Gmail confidential mode is not secure or private

Privacy and Civil Liberties Organizations Urge Google to Suspend Gmail

Google's CEO: 'The Laws Are Written by Lobbyists'

Over 90% of Facebook’s advertising revenue now comes from mobile

With New Ad Platform, Facebook Opens Gates to Its Vault of User Data

Edward Snowden's Email Provider Shuts Down Amid Secret Court Battle

The ProtonMail Threat Model

Transparency Report

  • データセンターは2箇所で両方スイスにある(片方は、地下1メートルの場所にある!)
  • 「私たちの主なデータセンターは地下1000mの花崗岩にあり、核攻撃にも耐えることができます」
  • 公開鍵暗号化基礎(公開鍵と秘密鍵の機能)
  • カスタムドメインももちろんイケる(有料プラン)
  • メッセージが暗号化されるならスパムフィルタはどう実現するの?
  • 「ProtonMailでは、プライバシーは単なる約束ではなく、数学的に保証されているのです」
  • "This means our interests are aligned with those of our users, most of whom believe paying money is preferable to paying with their data, given the privacy and security risks."
  • “What is zero-access encryption and why it is important for security”
  • “However, after receiving the email, we encrypt it immediately using the ProtonMail account owner’s public encryption key.”
  • “but those messages are accessible to ProtonMail servers for a split second before the message is encrypted.”
  • “This data can also be made accessible to government surveillance agencies or sold outright to advertisers.”
  • “Switzerland also has a long history of privacy and security, dating back over a century” ← これどういうこと?
  • 「個人を特定できる情報を追跡したり記録したりしません」
  • 「あなたの接続の安全を確保するスイスのSSL」
  • スイスのプライバシー法って強力なの?
  • データ保護法(DPA)ってなに?
  • データ保護条例(DPO)ってなに?
  • 暗号のことは基本的にまったく意識しないで使えるよ
  • 検索はどうやって行われてるの?
  • アメリカの当局がデータを差押えられることの根拠は?
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