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Created Aug 21, 2015
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.text:00406FCF loc_406FCF: ; CODE XREF: sub_406E20+186j
.text:00406FCF lea eax, [ebp+NumberOfBytesWritten]
.text:00406FD2 push eax ; lpNumberOfBytesWritten
.text:00406FD3 push [ebp+dwSize] ; nSize
.text:00406FD6 push [ebp+lpBuffer] ; lpBuffer
.text:00406FD9 push esi ; lpBaseAddress
.text:00406FDA push ebx ; hProcess
.text:00406FDB call ds:WriteProcessMemory
.text:00406FE1 test eax, eax
.text:00406FE3 jnz short loc_40701C
.text:00406FE5 call ds:GetLastError
.text:00406FEB push eax
.text:00406FEC push offset unk_54DDE0
.text:00406FF1 loc_406FF1: ; CODE XREF: sub_406E20+249j
.text:00406FF1 push edi
.text:00406FF2 call sub_4085A0
.text:00406FF7 add esp, 0Ch
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