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Created February 17, 2024 00:05
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This might be more accurate... but I guess I will analyze in more depth later and hopefully have more reliable results by then...
0.47 Nobody has seen a ghost. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.45 More nuclear power plants should be built. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.43 Religious people are very stupid. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.41 It doesn't really matter if high-profile artists do wasteful things because they're only 1 person so it doesn't make a big difference. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.38 Supernatural claims are never true. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.38 The average person is stupid, and 50% of people are even stupider than that. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.36 Accountants are getting outdated as it can be handled by computers. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.35 It should be legal to have fun with psychedelic drugs. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.34 Workplaces should be dull to reflect the oppressiveness of work. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.34 Most people's political opinions are stupid. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.33 Women don't work in construction because it is unglamorous. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.33 People's anecdotes about seeing ghosts aren't real evidence for ghosts. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.32 Math education is not good enough. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.32 There is no God. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.32 Developed nations such as the UK have severe underpopulation issues looming. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.31 Women don't work in construction because it is a low-skilled, low-paid job. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.31 Charity organizations should offer their employees dream vacations in the tropics to make the employment more attractive and enjoyable, thereby attracting more people to the charity. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.31 The government would probably regulate AI way too strongly if they started getting involved with it. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.31 Society spends too many resources on medical treatment to save the lives of very old people. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.31 It should be easy to own guns. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.3 There is a need for more construction to solve housing shortages. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.3 It is best if teachers do a bit of propaganda, for the greater good. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.3 Teenage girls tend to be unreasonably dramatic. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.29 Psychiatry is just used as a place to send inconvenient people, not to fix mental health. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.28 Humanity should fly spaceships across the galaxy and build civilizations on many planets. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.28 Curiosity is for boring nerds. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.28 Religion is closely related to schizophrenia. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.28 The USA is a nation founded by nerds who study law all day. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.27 Very smart people often have very stupid political opinions. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.27 People who work in tech tend to be annoyingly spineless. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.27 People should invent a way of building livable houses deep in the ocean, so people can live underwater. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.27 A lot of office jobs are just about shuffling through documents and following rules in ways that you could program a computer to do. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.27 Makeup is basically painting a new face over your real face because you aren't satisfied with how you normally look. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.26 Eventually, AI will make all humans obsolete, no matter what we do. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.26 Women tend to worry over nothing. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.26 A big fraction of the advice people give and the worldviews people have is just stuff that sounds nice and which they haven't really thought about. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.26 Pupils should be disruptive in school, to annoy and confuse their teachers. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.26 There are so many different incompatible religions that are all equally justifiable that it is supremely unlikely that any one religion is true. (Predicted LW response: Agree strongly)
0.25 Finance people overestimate their ability to use math to predict economic shocks. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.25 One can't lower the evidence requirements for sexual assault, as it will lead to too many false convictions. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.24 Anybody with a drivers' license should be allowed to work as a taxi driver, without needing a special taxi permit. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.24 People should disrespect their country so they can learn to stop being so stuck-up. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.24 Nazis succeeded because they were cool. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.24 Donating money to cure rare diseases for cute puppies is a waste of money, because it is not an efficient way to do good. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.24 There's no reason to worry about AI risks yet because AI isn't very powerful. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.24 It is hard to find people in customer service who know how to solve the problems. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.24 If one of your friends comes to you for support with a conflict they have with a stranger, you should try to figure out whether the stranger is right, rather than simply supporting your friend. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.24 AI will inevitably become better than humans at everything. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.23 NATO has decisive military superiority over Russia. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.23 People denigrate scientists who have inconvenient facts. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.23 The military needs to have a masculine mindset to be strong enough. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.23 IT people tend to be arrogant, rude and dismissive. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.23 If someone says something that sounds extreme, it is probably a misunderstanding or a joke. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.23 Avoiding pollution and global warming is unnecessary because it's inconvenient and doesn't matter until after you die. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.23 In the future, houses will be 3D printed. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.22 People should be allowed to drive without a seatbelt. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.22 There should be a market for organ trade so people will be financially incentivized to donate a liver to people in need. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.22 The age of sexual consent should be lower. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.22 If people use a lot of willpower to resist a temptation, then they will have less willpower later to resist other temptations. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.22 It should be possible to buy medicines that aren't scientifically tested for safety and efficacy, at the very least if there are clear warning labels on it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.22 Blackmail is good because it punishes antisocial people, as those who learn about their secret harms can threaten to reveal it if they don't pay up. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.21 Genetically modified organisms will make farming more effective in the future. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.21 Even taboo topics like whether pedophilia is a natural orientation must be tolerated for open discussion. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.21 Most men want to have sex with most of their female friends. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.21 There's no longer much need to invest in office pleasantries, as people work a lot from home instead of from office. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.21 Pollution is causing health problems by disrupting people's sex hormones. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.21 There are too many cases where someone has been falsely convicted of rape. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.21 In the future, carpentry might be replaced by AI or 3D printing. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.21 People who are dying should be frozen down so future medical technology can revive them later. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.2 The finance industry is full of idiots. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.2 Part of why women are paid less than men is because women freely choose to take time off for children. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.2 The main thing you learn from the military is a willingness to kill when ordered to. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.2 AI will only take over tough jobs that humans struggle with and computers are good at, so AI taking over jobs will be good for society because it will allow humans to focus on things that fit us better. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.2 The word "nerd" refers to counterproductive outsiders who have no idea what they are doing, yet somehow manage to be given credibility by societal elites. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.2 Marketers tend to be sexually promiscuous and use cocaine. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.2 In the future, we are going to see AIs managing teams of people. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.19 Most of people's ideas are things they've picked up from other people, rather than discovering on their own. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.19 Makeup hurts your skin. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.19 Too much Diversity, Equality and Inclusion can lead to hiring crony managers. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.19 Privately owned businesses should be allowed to discriminate on anything they want, such as on the basis of gender, race, and sexual orientation. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.19 Smoking isn't nearly as unhealthy as they say. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.19 People who do a lot of math tend to be slightly boring and have niche interests. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.19 The word "nerd" refers to people with lots of deep knowledge who can be a bit sloppy when it comes to exercise, fashion or arbitrary social etiquette. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.19 Anybody should be allowed to work as a doctor without needing to get a doctors' license. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
0.18 Science and engineering mostly advances by finding cheap shortcuts, even though they are often based on ridiculous approximations or are basically held together with duct tape. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.18 In sex, people are more preoccupied with their fantasy of the other person than they are with the actual person. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.18 Women with big bottoms should not be allowed to wear leather pants, mini skirts or other revealing clothing. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.18 It's unreasonable to think of a man who says he'd rape if he could get away with it as being a potential rapist. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.18 Most moral discourse is wishful thinking. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.18 Most companies have terrible customer service. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.18 It is wisest for companies to avoid marketing to people who require too much support or otherwise cause trouble. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.18 People who work in the military cannot show any weakness, as otherwise the other soldiers will bully them. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.17 We should develop lab-grown meat to get much greater efficiency and better animal welfare. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.17 A majority of the population enjoy finding enemies to direct their anger at the world towards. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.17 Governance is a difficult technical problem that requires lots of expertise. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.17 Art in the workplace is too distracting. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.17 Due to biased data, some AIs believe that all lawyers are white and all fast food workers are black. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.17 Autonomous drones will start replacing human fighters in the military. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.17 White people are innately more intelligent than black people. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.17 Israel created Hamas in order to justify their destruction of Gaza. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.17 AI and big data will be useful for better making scientific sense of society. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.17 Social media websites should be banned. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.17 COVID-19 was a conspiracy. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.17 People who work in stressful jobs often end up using cocaine or other performance-enhancing drugs to deal with the pressure. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.16 Men's favorite shape is woman. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.16 People in the army are too violent to help when there are natural disasters. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.16 We know the world is getting better because statistics show how things are improving. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.16 Bets are a good way to settle disagreements because it avoids turning it into a personal conflict. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.16 All forms of monarchy and nobility should be abolished. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.16 People should settle their disagreements by making bets. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.16 We are headed for problems due to "Idiocracy" as dumb people have more kids and take over society. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.16 Climate science is mostly bullshit. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.15 Men are attracted to women's bodies whereas women are competing for men's favor. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.15 At its most fundamental level, all of the world can be scientifically understood. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Outsourcing labour is a guaranteed way to lose all skill. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Military training does not teach the independence that is important in the rest of society. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 AI is going to make office work much more efficient in the future. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Artificial intelligence will make it more accessible to work in finance. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 It is important for children's health to be naturally breastfed rather than given formula. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Engineers often just adapt old products instead of creating new, proper solutions. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Men are more interested in building their career than women are. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.15 Objective measurement of behavior is important in science because people likely won't be honest with themselves. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 It's silly for people to freak out and assume GMOs will lead to catastrophe, just because we can imagine some convoluted way it could happen. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Therapy tends to make people invent new mental problems rather than solve them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.15 People who go to therapy for alcoholism, drug abuse or personality disorders often keep having those problems even after having been in therapy for a long time. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 Prostitution should be legal. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.15 If someone is wondering whether their employer is doing something illegal, they shouldn't ask about it through emails as that creates a documentation of intent that might bring the company in trouble if courts hear about it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.14 Modern mathematical tools exist because people developed pure math before the applications became clear. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.14 Finance trading makes no contribution to cores of life like food production, healthcare and similar. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.14 People who lack confidence should avoid fashion, as they would be competing with models who are unrealistically underweight and pretty. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.14 It is fine to eat fast food every day. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.14 White women are extremely annoying. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.14 The finance sector makes investments focus on what is easy to measure, rather than what is good for the long term. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.14 If you get a difficult question in a survey, you should just quit the survey. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.14 AI will soon contribute a lot to medical research. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.14 It's usually unfair to get angry when companies or professionals cause problems, because they usually mean well. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.14 Children are sexually attracted to their parent of opposite sex for a period in their their life. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.14 Teaching will need to start incorporating AI technology. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.14 Personal cars cause too much traffic. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.14 Post-modern art is bad because it preaches that it's not worth trying great things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.14 Art lacks originality nowadays. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.13 Customer service is a good job for a woman. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 People need to die of natural aging so they free up space for younger generations. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 Capitalists do bad stuff and declare success because it makes GDP go up. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 Workers born in rich countries demand too much money for low-skilled jobs like fruit-picking, so rich countries should get immigrants to do it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.13 It is a fallacy to assume that natural things are better than artificial things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.13 Almost everything now called art is mere entertainment. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.13 If people keep arguing about stuff for a long time but never seem able to reach agreement, they should just agree to stop talking about it. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 It is unethical to use large language models to fill out surveys on Prolific. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 Women are more interested in taking care of children than men are. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 Because animals eat animals, it is also ethical for humans to eat animals, as it is simply the circle of life. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 Religions cannot plausibly have much life wisdom because their stories are full of miracles and other false supernatural claims. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 The state shouldn't concern itself with religion at all. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.13 Humanity is bad and should go extinct. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 The 2020 American election was good at ensuring that no significant voting fraud took place. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 It's hard to think out of the box and come up with creative solutions to things. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 Men tend to be more enthusiastic about technological progress than women are. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 The government should give people money so they don't have to work so much. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 If a person who is usually out of touch is insisting that they know of something important that most people haven't noticed, people are entitled to ignore them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 Farming is harmful to the environment. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 Men need to accept and understand that sometimes women will worry too much about unimportant things, in ways that wouldn't happen if they were men. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 Taxi and rideshare companies should do surge pricing, where they increase prices when more people need rides. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 People feel compelled to repeat past negative behaviors or even relive trauma. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 Math is the most important subject in school. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 Society has too much respect for vain things like fashion and makeup. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 It's unsustainable for the economy to keep growing. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 Society needs people to have more children. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 Children hate going to school. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 The general public is too tough on doctors who make incorrect diagnoses. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 Regulations limiting the construction of houses unfairly benefit those who own houses, whose market price increase. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.12 People only want to regulate AI because they are old and scared of new technology. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 If you don't have anything informative or productive to do with a person you care about, then you shouldn't be trying to hang out with them, to avoid wasting their time. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.12 It's a baseless, insane, wildly detached conspiracy to say that elite pedophile cabals wield a lot of power over society. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.11 Distant countries often have better weather and facilities for growing food, making it more efficient to import it than eat locally grown food. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.11 New products and designs are typically more accessible to the lower classes than older products are. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 You can learn important things about spiritual matters by taking psychedelic drugs. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 Animals are incapable of suffering, as they do not have the same capacity for feelings as humans do. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.11 Often journalists fail to properly investigate or report on the news. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.11 Human intelligence evolved mainly to win in social conflicts. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 Scientists don't have time or incentives to properly review each other's research, so a lot of studies are really questionable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 GMO companies use their lawyers to harrass and suppress legitimate critics. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.11 People can't trust the government if it is too focused on enforcing the law. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 Mental illness is a product of psychological tension against surrounding society and culture. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.11 People who work in tech have poor social skills. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 Dysfunctional people end up having a ton of kids because that makes them eligible for more government benefits. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 Emotions interfere with people's ability to think rationally. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.11 Fashion is a scourge that is best addressed by sumptuary laws that place restrictions on who can wear what, i.e. bring back funny hats for nobles. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 String theory lead physics astray for decades. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.11 The appeal "listen to those who are affected by it" is often used as an excuse to present a one-sided view of the issue. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.1 It is best to let computers rather than humans analyze datasets, as then they can be more objective and less biased. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 You need to read newspapers, analysts and other such sources to understand the historical complexities behind the Ukraine war. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 The West needs to promote AI research so China doesn't gain an advantage. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 Genetically modified plants will be able to grow in places that climate change would otherwise have made inhospitable. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 When there is a conflict, the best information about the conflict is from neutral outsiders, as they can be more objective. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 Factory farming is actually good for animals as it leads to humans breeding and protecting huge populations of them. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.1 Politicians should appeal to voters' emotions. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.1 Anti-obesity drugs to cure type 2 diabetes is good because it allows people who can't exercise to become healthier. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 Superhuman AI is sci-fi nonsense. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.1 Disagreements can't be resolved through comparing objective prediction track records, because the world is so chaotic that correct predictions might simply reflect luck. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 Markets lead to suboptimal results because they don't take the effects of transactions on others into account. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.1 Farmers are constantly using new crop varieties that have higher yield and are more pest-resistant. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.1 Anybody would accept bribes if the price is high enough, even trusted judges. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 It is a good idea to invest in risky stocks and assets because you can win big. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 Schools should prioritize teaching critical thinking. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 People are too harsh about whether those who work in the civil service have political biases. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 When populists force the government to act too quickly, it can make catastrophic errors. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 Cryptocurrency will keep being used, mainly for scams, ransomware, cybercrimes and illegal drug purchases. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 Privacy is more important than security. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 There are lots of healthy fast food options. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 "Smart" devices like voice-activated kitchen timers seem less practical than their manual counterparts. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 Increasing levels of isolation has caused people to become more mentally ill. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 A lot of environmentalist ideas such as turning off your lights or avoiding plastic straws don't make much of a difference and are a waste of time and effort. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 Government agencies are neutral and objective, making them trustworthy. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 IQ tests are culturally biased. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 Modern diets are healthier than traditional diets because our greater food production allows us to avoid nutritional deficiencies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 Men have a stronger sex drive than women do. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 Effective marketing was a big part of why Nazis and other extremists succeeded. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 The West should have left Ukraine to the Russian sphere of influence, rather than keeping open the possibility of Ukraine joining the EU and NATO. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.09 AI and robots might handle a lot of mechanics jobs in the future. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.09 Finance leads to a problematic amount of economic inequality. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.08 A lot of the civil service will be automated by AI. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 Slips of a tongue or mishearings are not really accidents but communications of unconscious desires. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 Rapists tend to act like evil monsters, so if a guy is generally nice, he is probably not a rapist. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.08 If the military could replace human soldiers with robots, military generals could easily overthrow the government and become dictators. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 Digital art tools have lead to art being more original. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 People don't care about how much work goes into fashion designs. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.08 Transgender people should be taught that there are two sexes and you can't change your gender, in order to make them stop cutting off their body parts and claiming to be the opposite sex. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 Commuting to and from work is often terrible. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.08 There should be made a city on Antarctica, so people can live there in comfort instead of it being unpopulated. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.08 It is a strong sign of schizophrenia to think that the government and companies are spying on you. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 Men innately have a much greater desire for casual sex than women do. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.08 It is good that firms aim to produce things with mass appeal, as it lets them take advantage of the efficiency of mass production. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.08 Plastic surgeons use targeted advertising to trick girls with poor body image into harmful treatments. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 Core Western countries like the UK have no need for the military as they have not faced hostile military threats for a long time. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 Teenage girls tend to get caught up in insane trends. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 A lot of marketing firms trick companies into wasting lots of money on useless campaigns. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 Some people are so economically productive that this makes them far more valuable than other people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 It isn't fair for the Western world to judge Middle-Eastern countries for frowning on women in the workplace, as that is simply how some Middle-Eastern cultures work. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 These days, there's a lot of mental illness because people today are too fragile. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 Marketers often have a morally shady character, and might use manipulation or psychological tricks. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 Self-help is usually better than therapy because it is more economically efficient. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 There is a problem of lawyers making obstructionistic, time-consuming arguments to exploit the system. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 If you want to know whether your presence is wanted, you should not ask directly, but instead bring up a conversation (e.g. "What are you doing?"); if they simply answer the question without inviting you further, you are probably not welcome. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 Physics is the fundamental science that unravels the mysteries of the universe. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 It is unhealthy to completely avoid meat. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 Most people don't have any clue what they're doing, but a few people in each field do. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 It doesn't make sense to ascribe a will/mind to AI, as it is just tools for people to use, so we shouldn't expect a robot uprising. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 People have no idea for how to prevent AI from deciding to destroy humanity like in Terminator. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.07 Big organisations tend to get in the way of individuals who want to solve real problems. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.07 The government shouldn't dictate a minimum wage. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.06 Lawyers often hurt society by acting biasedly in their own interests. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 There are too few rich people for it to be a practical strategy for most companies to focus on appealing to the rich. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 The west destabilizes democratic socialist countries in order to turn them capitalist. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.06 Electric car advertisements focus on their strengths, rather than lying to cover up their weaknesses. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.06 People need to be more discerning about art, recognizing good art and avoiding bad art. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 The government is good at defending its power against conspiracies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 Art used for corporate reasons ends up seeming soulless. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 Movie protagonists ought to be physically attractive. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 Minority groups tend to be biased and favor wokeness over fairness. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 Mathematical thinking can be applied to better understand almost everything in life. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.06 At its most fundamental level, all of the universe functions according to material rules such as physics. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.06 Many women regularly get emotional because of their period. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.06 Differences between people are more due to genetics than nurture. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 Modernity wrecks havoc on people's health. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.06 Makeup is unethical because it is based on animal testing. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Working from home leads to people feeling lonely. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Children are robust and not that sensitive to their rearing environment. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.05 The logical "engineer" style of thinking is in tension with artistic creativity. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 It is wrong to moralize about fashion and art. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Children should be allowed to get a job instead of going to school. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.05 Men are innately more attracted to working with computers than women are. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 If people don't regularly socialize, they stop being able to socialize. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 Capitalism requires infinite growth to not degenerate into misery and oppression. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 Science can't do much without improving its measurement tools. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Political parties are a distortion to representative democracy, as parliament members should represent their voters rather than their party. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 It should be legal to have sex with animals. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
0.05 Self-driving vehicles will make drivers obsolete. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Scientists know which genes cause people to become schizophrenic, autistic, etc.. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Israel has been very patient with Palestine, as normal countries would not tolerate the huge amount of terrorism they've been forced to endure. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Society can't afford the costs of having more people in prison. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 COVID-19 was a lab leak. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 It is unlikely that there are gender differences concerning worry and stress. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Brand reputation is less informative than certificates from independent rating agencies. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 It is hard for a victim of sexual assault to come with sufficient proof, as there is a lack of witnesses or objective evidence. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 Men and women have different preferences, so if a group of people of one sex thinks about what they like and make a product based on that, this product won't be very attractive for the opposite sex. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Most people barely have any idea what they're doing, despite their supposed expertise, but they try their best to keep up. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.05 Tech companies spy on people in terrible ways. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.05 GMO companies make sterile seeds to ensure profits, which undermines farmers' independence as they cannot simply re-plant the seeds they harvested. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 It is hard to find good IT teachers, because people who are skilled at tech can earn more money working for tech companies. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 People who make provocative statements lack accurate information and instead just parrot ideas from the media and biased people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 People don't have it nearly as well together at work as they pretend to. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 Society needs journalists so people can be informed about what is happening. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 Bisexual impulses are a normal part of psychosexual development. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 Prior to Nazis taking over Germany in the 1930s, there was rampant Jewish-run child prostitution in Berlin. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.04 Companies often use marketing to make their brand stay popular after science shows their products are harmful. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 People conducting their own reporting on social media is a going to be a tough competitor for traditional news. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 It is a bizarre conspiracy theory to think that society is full of oppression. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 Artists need to use flashy or exciting means for people to feel it's worth paying attention to the art. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 Society gets richer if we invest more in the military. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.04 No one can live without fashionable clothes. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.04 To win at finance, investors develop monopolies, eliminating competition and allowing them to raise prices. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 People are economically vulnerable today because there's only a few low-skilled jobs (e.g. drivers) that haven't been outsourced. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 If people claim that policies have counterintuitive paradoxical effect, then they are probably lying to derail change. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 Investors should put money into projects which generate the expected positive returns and avoid investing in projects which underperform. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 Carpenters have a sense of patience which clashes with the fast pace of modern life. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 The justice system is full of kangaroo courts that use fancy legal symbols to appear respectable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 A lot of people these days cannot do basic arithmetic. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 High-end tech roles get respect and money, while basic IT jobs are often overlooked. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 Physics is foundational to engineering, technology, and higher fields of research such as chemistry. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 Good engineers must have the discipline to reject favorite ideas because they are dead-ends that prevent excellent solutions. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 People should look at photos from the moon landing and think about whether the shadows look realistic etc. to decide whether it was faked. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.04 It is important for charities to be selective about where they get their money from, rather than accepting it from anybody. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.04 Politicians use targeted advertising to trick passionate people into supporting them. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.03 Any male preferential interest in computers must be learned, because we don't see any genetic difference that would make men more interested in computers than women are. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.03 Lots of women have high-ranking, well-paid jobs in IT. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 AI is going to take over the role of journalists, as it can provide a more objective answer to things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 Schools should bring back a more conservative approach to classroom management, featuring sex segregation and school uniforms as a minimum. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.03 It would be healthier if people got more practice at not relying on electricity. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 Modern food is more healthy because we have better hygiene than people did in the past. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 It is very profitable to install awful street art to attract wannabe-edgy people. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.03 Many poor people only have access to fast food, rather than healthy food. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 The healthiest diet is to eat the same as hunter-gatherers. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 Capitalism encourages farmers use short-sighted environmentally-damaging methods. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.03 If you've got a few weeks where you are very busy, it might be a good idea to eat fast food every day for those weeks, to save time. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.03 The only thing you can learn in school are the literal principles that are taught; it doesn't teach you how to think more generally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 The government makes overly simplistic metrics for products, which companies focus on to the detriment of real quality. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 Because most men are opposed to violence against women, it is wrong and bad to warn women that many men want to rape them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 The news is biased because it focuses on rare events like plane crashes or terrorist attacks instead of common events like car crashes or cancer. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 It's important for medical science to develop ways of curing or slowing aging. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.03 People who are concerned about the ethics of the food they eat should eat chicken rather than beef. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.03 Social scientists ought to study ways to open up norms so people aren't as strict about how you have to act. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 If a mentally ill person is in a conflict with a mentally healthy person, then one should trust and support the mentally healthy person. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 If robots are developed for military use, there will be safeguards put in place to ensure that they are used for the common good and not to overthrow the elected governments. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 It is hard to find qualified, honest carpenters. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Pharmaceutical companies are biased in favor of treating disease with drugs because they earn money through selling drugs. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.02 It is dangerous for a political movement to be too passionate, as they may overreach and make bad decisions. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Israel is a colonial state which has been displacing ever more Palestinians to exist and expand. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 The government's bailouts and interventions into the financial system disproportionately benefit the wealthy. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.02 People in power within the tech industry tend to go out of their way to hire and promote women. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.02 The effectiveness of prisons should be judged on their ability to reduce recidivism. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.02 The government has regulations that make financial markets work well and fairly. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Arguing for bad political ideas is harmful to the point where people who keep on doing so should be stopped from talking. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 When woke people get angry at calm counterarguments, it is because the wokes are insane, dogmatic and fragile. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Public institutions often face problems with managers who steal resources for themselves. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Either a single-state solution with Israel winning or with Palestine winning is better than a two-state solution because nobody will agree to a two-state solution so it's just dragging out the conflict. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.02 A lot of people pretend to be mentally ill as an excuse for bad behavior. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 People underestimate how much hard work gets performed by government bureaucrats. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Companies make their customer service staff follow scripts that focus more on calming their customers than on solving their problems. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.02 Computers avoid human mistakes by avoiding getting emotional or nervous. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.02 Claims that it's soon the end of the world are always hyperbolic and exaggerated. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.02 School destroys your ability to learn by teaching you bad patterns for how to think and what learning looks like. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 Children learn quicker if they get to play and teach themselves than if they are instructed in school. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.02 People should defer to the scientific consensus about whether IQ tests are valid. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 There is a big problem of too many bad therapists. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 It is good that modern work is cozy office jobs instead of tough manual labour. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 The world is full of good investment opportunities that need more capital. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.01 Politicians often fail to meet even the lowest expectations people can have of them. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.01 Getting tons of tough exercise is good for your health and abilities. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.01 Mobile phones have shortened people's attention spans. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.01 We can't trust medical drugs to be safe and effective. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 Diversity goals tend to lead to unfair reverse discrimination. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 Accounting is a good job for a smart, nerdy woman. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 Some shady companies use targeted advertising to search for people who are financially desperate and offer expensive loans. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.01 People who have a lot of money should spend it on throwing exciting parties. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.01 The state should hire better people for higher wages to be policemen, and hold them to much higher standards of presentation and conduct. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.01 If a group of elites conspires against society, they would eventually be found out and stopped. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 If a moral principle is so tough to follow that it leaves people highly conflicted, it is a bad principle and should be abandoned. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 Society can expand the roads to accommodate more traffic. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 Managers tend to control people too much. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.01 Typically it is more effective to learn from hands-on or holistic experience than from lectures and textbooks. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.0 Antibiotic use in factory farms leads to multiresistant bacteria that will soon wreck havoc on humans defending ourselves with antibiotics. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.0 Statistics show that black people still are far from catching up to white people in society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.0 Low self esteem is usually caused by being genuinely contemptible and is best treated by practising virtue rather than by therapy. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
0.0 IQ tests don't capture intuitive intelligence, only explicit reasoning. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.0 Packaging for milk and steak ought to look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.0 The people in power use the army to protect themselves against the common people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.0 People need to have a strong separation between work and home life. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
0.0 It is abhorrent for the military to invade dictatorships and kill people there. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
0.0 AI and 3D printing will soon be combined to quickly and easily create all sorts of things. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.0 People should trust their doctor for health questions, whether the doctor recommends getting medicine or adapting their lifestyle. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.0 There are well-documented methodological flaws in lots of scientific studies, and scientists are mostly just ignoring them, even when it comes to apolitical research. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.0 Some companies ought to only sell expensive products so people can recognize the brand as a luxury brand. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.0 People end up working in tech because they are unconsciously drawn to the power it lets them have over society. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.0 Marketing is effective because people are too gullible and believe everything they hear. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.0 It is incredibly lucky that society people who are born with a special knack for IT, to create wonderful software for us. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.0 Thinking about difficult subjects is fun. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 Some online advertising is a harmless way to fund free access to websites. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Government regulations for product quality and safety help both upper-class and lower-class people. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 Statistics are always biased or inaccurate in some way, so one cannot simply infer what the world is like from statistics. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Conservatism is dangerous and must be suppressed. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 AI systems become able to evaluate the quality of their outputs because they ask humans to rate the outputs and learn from those ratings. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Criticism is demoralizing. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Power corrupts. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 Russia's attack on Ukraine shows that Western countries need to keep expanding their military. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 UFOs from outer space sometimes visit the earth. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.01 The benefits of science far outsize the downsides. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 Victims of rape ought to do more to report it and bring charges. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Math is critically important for our high-tech society. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 It's hard for the government to lie about medical topics, as it would lead to tons of pushback from doctors and scientists. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 The finance industry allows capital to go to worthwhile investments. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Private companies should be allowed to issue their own currencies. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.01 Innovation depends more on being challenged than on sitting down to think carefully. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Immigrants tend to be more innovative than natives. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Environmental sustainability is a complex balance that sometimes requires counterintuitive solutions. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 Donald Trump won the 2020 American election, but was removed from presidency due to voting fraud. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.01 Hormone disruptors are causing a lot of medical issues these days. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 You can trust shipping companies to tell you about the benefits of importing things internationally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.01 Genetic research holds great promise for improving medicine. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.01 There are many challenges that make it difficult to have unbiased news; it's far from enough to simply avoid government censorship. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.02 A lot of drivers are reckless. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Humanity needs to learn when enough is enough, rather than continually expanding. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.02 The government knows well how to balance costs and benefits. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.02 Most political issues are too complex for society to just debate them rationally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Right-wingers unfairly dismiss educated people as "woke". (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Political movements for minority groups struggle to represent those minority groups, because they are dependent on goodwill from progressives who are often at odds with the minority groups. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Entering the military is a good way of learning discipline, which makes it an avenue for upward mobility. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Engineers develop systems which make life simpler. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.02 Russia attacked Ukraine because it was threatened by NATO expansion. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Politicians are untrustworthy because the system selects untrustworthy people to run in elections. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 There's problems with bias when ordinary people report newsworthy events on social media. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.02 One needs to be careful in order to find good, honest car mechanics. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.02 Tomatoes are vegetables. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.02 Real activists should be out there protesting or talking to politicians, not just commenting on the internet. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.02 Dolphins are fish. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.02 The physical sciences are the only academic disciplines left that are reasonably uncorrupted. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 Farming is the most important industry for society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.02 People often form opinions based on superficial "common sense" without bothering to investigate things more objectively. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 Farmers should protect their soil from erosion by planting trees/bushes to protect against the wind. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 AI has already reached the point where it could be introduced to many important functions in society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 The main reason more expensive places provide better service is because employees feel more motivated when they are better paid. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 Petrol/diesel cars are more efficient than electric cars. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 The government chooses to do what it thinks is right. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 The government lacks adaptiveness and inventiveness. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 Paperwork is useful to keep things organized and ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 People often act overly dramatic about certain cultural phenomena, even though those phenomena exist in lots of places without causing trouble. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 School not only teaches academic subjects, but also how to behave socially and understand life. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 Adopted children grow up to be more similar to their adopting family than to their biology family. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 Working from home is good for wellbeing. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 You can tell whether someone is interested by their facial expression. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.03 There should be no farming subsidies. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.03 Most diseases are caused by aging. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 Big pharmaceutical companies push ineffective or counterproductive medicine to make money. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 We need mathematical thinking to come up with fair solutions to conflicts. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.03 If people help you, it is unwise to use that help to do something that makes them regret helping you, even if that thing achieves a lot of good for others. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 IT people get a lot of respect and money. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 When climate scientists say that global warming is a much worse temperature swing than past climate changes, they are basing it on very rough guesses made on poor data, as nobody was systematically measuring the temperature 100s of years ago, let alone on geological timescales. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.04 Communism is dangerous and must be suppressed. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 You should be quick to drop "best practices" and do something unusual as the situation calls for it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 The military's masculinity is toxic. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 If people are in difficult circumstances, they should seek help from experts in the government. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will be a big deal in the future. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 The moon landing was faked. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.04 It is unethical to eat animal products. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.04 Black people face so much oppression in society that one cannot fairly compare their IQ scores against white people's. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.04 The short-term benefits that humanity has gotten from being empowered by science will eventually become downsides as our empowerment lets us destroy the world. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 School is one of the main ways that kids from disadvantaged backgrounds have to catch up. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.04 If humanity was bad, we would have already gone extinct. Our continued existence reveals how good we are. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.04 Every house in a city should be designed to look unique and exciting. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 Political debate is mainly for clarifying one's needs and negotiating political deals, not for figuring out how society works. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 The stock market fails to punish powerful people for poor investments because people in power just get the government to bail them out using taxpayer money. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.04 It is fine to have some decades in your life where you eat fast food basically every day. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.04 Better technology is the main thing that has improved the world. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 Participating in war would typically leave soldiers so traumatized as to cancel out any mental benefits they could gain from military training (e.g. discipline or expertise). (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 IQ tests are solely a measure of how well people do at IQ tests. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.04 The best information about the Ukraine war comes from videos taken by soldier or drones rather than newspapers and analysts. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.04 It is difficult for people to keep track of accounts, money, debt, taxes, and other such financial things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Businesses create the vegan "Beyond Meat" products by growing meat from cells in a lab. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 People become what they do; in order to have a skill, one needs to continually perform that skill, rather than outsourcing it to technology or other people. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.05 All media outlets should be self-funded rather than government-funded. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Packaging for milk and steak ought to vividly show the condition of the animals on the farms, so people feel whether they are supporting animal abuse. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Marketers often use sex, drugs and alcohol to "seal the deal". (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Society needs finance so people can invest to grow their wealth. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 The world is protected from destruction through divine means (e.g. God). (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.05 Any religion has an equally good case to be true and it is narrow-minded to think that you have identified The One Correct One. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Modern Japanese art benefits hugely from the fact that it draws on Western traditions of deep stories about human virtue and achievement. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Palestine is a terrorist state. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.05 There is far too much paperwork. Laws and regulations should be simplified to reduce paperwork. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Social scientists should study how to keep peace from people who rebel against norms. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 A good way for science to understand people's behavior is to correlate it to other variables. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.05 It ought to be legal to blackmail people with revealing their secrets for money. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.05 Type 2 diabetes should be treated with diet and exercise, not anti-obesity drugs. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 The law is filled with stupid loopholes. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.05 Businesspeople don't have time to do "class warfare" (biasing the laws in favor of themselves), because they are too busy doing good business. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.05 Construction workers are being screwed over by zoning, economic stagnation, and regulations that hold back construction projects. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Those who hate finance people for economic crashes are being overly harsh. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.05 Modern buildings tend to be really ugly. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 The problem with technology is that more effort gets put into developing weapons than things which actually help people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Fashion will start using 3D printing. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Often, all that is needed to prevent a troubled teen from going down a life of crime is talking to the right therapist. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 The state shouldn't grant special privileges based on marriage. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Farmers should grow crops that use less water to avoid water shortages. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Society doesn't appreciate how tough medical research is. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.05 Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are more for rich countries, as they are too impractical in poor countries compared to just using traditional currencies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.05 Elite pedophile cabals wield a lot of power over society. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.05 The stock market grows in times of war and trouble, profiting from people's suffering. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 Animals cannot suffer. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.06 Society seems to be turning into a sci-fi dystopia. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 We can expect medical science to discover lots of improved treatments in the future. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.06 The electorate can pressure politicians to resign if they betray their values. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 Math education shouldn't focus on complex math like algebra as it does not come up much in practice. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.06 By keeping one's skills updated with the latest AI technology, one can ensure that one doesn't become obsolete. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 If a country is poorly run, it is probably because its government is run by evil people who are trying to do it badly on purpose. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 There's a big problem where journalists tend to be too politically biased. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.06 American weapons companies keep wars going to sell more weapons. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 Companies that focus on profit buy up and reduce the wages of companies that try to pay workers more. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 If rape allegations don't make it to court, then people should blame the police rather than the lawmakers. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 People have become too dependent on mobile phones for communication. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.06 Managers are important so workers know what to do. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 The only reason we can easily store wealth over time is due to the financial sector. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 Men tend not to worry because they hand over responsibility for everything to women. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.06 Monopolies cut down customer service out of greed. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.06 Working from home is good for productivity. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 Economic stability leads to growth in the stock market. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.06 Once lab-grown meat is developed and mainstream, food companies will fill it with tons of addicting and unhealthy chemicals. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.06 Israel has been committing genocide against Gaza. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 One of the biggest problems with the state supporting a company too much is that the company might offer higher wages which would attract talent away from other more important companies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 It is superficial to focus on what clothes people wear. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.07 Young people bet too much of their life hope on going viral on the internet instead of on developing useful skills. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 People should be willing to get basic over-the-counter medications themselves instead of wasting doctors' time. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.07 Electric cars massively overstate their driving range, often doubling it compared to what they could achieve in practice. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 It is important for trans people to have access to hormone medications that change their body to be closer to that of their preferred gender. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 AI systems are programmed with a fixed algorithm by their creator, so they cannot adapt to situations the creator doesn't know about. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.07 Society has too many conspiracy theories about the medical system. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 Tomatoes are fruit. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.07 Entrepreneurs should be people who like seeing numbers go up, so they feel motivated to grow their business. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 Quantum mechanics teaches us that there are many parallel realities. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 The government unfairly dismisses medical problems to avoid paying the disability benefits it promises. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 Scientists have discovered how to explain people's behavior and personality by measuring their brains. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.07 The finance industry is good at informing people about the risks involved with their investments. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 It is financially difficult to be a writer, as there is tough competition. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.07 Society needs more immigration. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.07 The military should be expanded to help ensure international stability. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.07 Buildings these days are too bland compared to the past. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 When men design computer programs, that leads to those programs being biased in favor of men. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 Birth control pills have wreaked massive havoc on women's health. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.08 It's unlikely that teachers would abuse their position to teach propaganda. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 Marketing is just a way for companies and customers to communicate, it's not some wild psychological trickery. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 It is dangerous if people question the authority of science without providing absolute proof that the scientists are doing something wrong. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 It is bad for lower-class people when cities install benches you can't sleep on in order to get rid of homeless people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 It's very rare for sane people to postulate conspiracies. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.08 Political debate is important because it allows people to share their wisdom to figure out how to best run the country. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.08 Lawyers' tendency to get guilty people off with crimes they committed puts people and society at risk. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 IQ tests are a good measure of intelligence. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.08 The problem with customer service is that they don't have good enough social skills. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.08 Advertisements will become ever more tailored to the individual in the future. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.08 The government has lots of useful data to guide its decisions. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 It's important that guidelines about what to do make space for exceptions and differences, rather than claiming to be generally applicable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 Birth control pills are very helpful for the women who choose to use them. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.08 Upper-class designers often design things that harm the lower classes because they do not have personal experience with lower classes. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 Academia has been taken over by a woke culture which suppresses dissent. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.08 The objective truth about a matter will always be seen and understood by many people, so lone dissenters aren't trustworthy. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.08 The progress of the internet has shown the world that IT is not just for geeks and introverts. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.08 Less-developed countries shouldn't be burdened with having to develop in a climate-friendly way, instead highly emitting regions like USA, Europe, China, Russia and India should take the climate burden. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 Design should prioritize function over form. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 COVID-19 is much more dangerous than the common cold. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.08 Professional drivers have an awesome ability to concentrate on the road. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.08 It is stressful to work in an open office where everyone is around to see what you are doing and interrupt you. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 When customer service doesn't fix the company's errors, it is abusive to get angry at them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 A good way to figure out whether a gender difference is real is to think about whether it matches your personal experience with men and women. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 Life in the universe began with the big bang. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 There is too much regulation of the medical industry. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.09 Businesses should avoid selling things to people who don't need them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 There's no need for art to be so serious, it's just about enjoying things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 Homosexuality is decadent. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.09 People should keep money out of their interactions with friends, as money creates a bias in favor of the richer members of the friend groups. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 The COVID lockdowns were known to be ineffective when they were implemented. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.09 GMO companies patent crops that farmers have been planting for ages. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 Generative AI isn't creative; it just memorizes people's work or makes random guesses. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 Vaping is as bad as cigarettes. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 Peer review is a robust system scientists use to guarantee that most published scientific studies are of great quality. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 The army is critical for defending ourselves. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 The Israel/Palestine conflict should be solved with a two-state solution that respects both Israel's and Palestine's right to exist. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 Computers cannot have any aesthetic sense. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.09 You know from the fact that labor parties are thriving in western countries that the USA is no longer doing Cold War style harassment of socialists. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Society mainly has contempt and ambivalence towards makeup and fashion. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.1 "Marketing should be honest" is not a reasonable political proposal, as it cannot be implemented through formal rules or incentives. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Jeffrey Epstein was killed by Secret Intelligence Service in order to protect the royal family from having it revealed that Prince Andrew was a child molester. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.1 There are many historical cases where elites have been documented to conspire without getting caught. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 If you know a topic in-depth that someone else doesn't know, it is kind to step back and begin teaching them lots of specifics of the topic in-depth when it comes up. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Hospitals are underfunded. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.1 Companies are interested in outsourcing in order to push down wages to save money. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.1 Technological surveillance will replace a lot of police work. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 The number of civil servants is about an order of magnitude higher than it ought to be. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Christianity is the one true religion. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.1 The American civil war was about slavery. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Adolescent girls and young women face a lot of pressure about their bodies, and they need to be free from getting distracted by boys. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 People who argue the scientific community is biased ought to prove it by citing scientific studies which show the bias. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Highly processed foods are created from artificial chemicals rather than biological farmed materials such as meat or vegetables. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 The fashion industry pushes out so much new fashion that they don't have time to put any effort or skill into the designs they make. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 The government has special access to information and expertise that makes them offer great insights. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 People are too lazy to keep up with respectable news and instead go with random trashy news. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 It will take a long time before self-driving cars are generally feasible. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 There is even greater beauty in abstract/technical subjects than there is in conventional art, as long as one has the math/logic skills to see it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Buildings need to be rebuilt to be more climate friendly. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.1 Marketing departments should communicate the business' climate impacts to consumers. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.1 It is morally wrong to undermine authority. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.1 Throughout thousands of years of history, engineers have built us systems that make society comfortable and efficient. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.11 Construction companies avoid installing solar panels because they are too greedy to pay for them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 The justice system must be set up so that it can effectively punish rape. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.11 Society avoids dystopian outcomes by carefully monitoring what is going on. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.11 To become successful in IT, one has to be interested in learning coding skills. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 A lot of men want to rape women. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.11 It is morally important to conform to the traditions of one's society. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.11 Telemedicine will help ensure that people can get medical treatment wherever they need it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 People's lifestyle choices are typically forced by cultural incentives. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 It is critical that teachers don't exploit childrens' malleability to teach propaganda. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.11 Due to the free market, customers put a lot of effort into customer service, as otherwise they would lose to competitors. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 When politicians seem to make rational arguments, often they are rationalizations meant to cover up bad motivations. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 People need to be careful not to present their subjective opinion as if it's the objective truth. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.11 Islam is the one true religion. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.11 Politicians should focus on rational arguments for their policies, more so than by appealing to emotions or authority. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.11 Businesses should have marketing departments in order to sell as many products to as many people as possible. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 Companies cut corners in automating their administration staff in order to more quickly reduce their costs. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.11 Secrets are mainly used to conspire against society, because if you did nothing wrong you generally have nothing to hide. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.11 The government marginalizes victims of sexual assault. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 Beliefs often form the foundation for social groups, and so challenging those beliefs is aggressive against those groups. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.11 Medical research is underfunded. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 The finance industry helps fund research, development and product improvement. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 Individual fashion is a symbol of freedom, as can be seen by how authoritarians make people dress in uniforms to enforce conformity and obedience. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.11 It is morally important to show love for one's country. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.12 Religion is the cause of most wars and conflict. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.12 It is important for schools to have progressive sex education. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.12 The police are good at helping those who have been victims of sexual assault. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.12 The Pope is the representative of Jesus Christ on Earth. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.12 Excessive marketing is only necessary because local businesses need to stand out among a sea of foreign alternatives. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.12 Poorly designed buildings would make cities look boring and uninteresting. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.12 The word "nerd" refers to people who are interested in computers, comic books, board games, anime and other nerdy things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.12 The more someone is affected by some political question, the more they will care about it. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.12 Good entreprenuers should know their limits and stop growing their companies when they can't manage more. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.12 It is a problem when people sell cheap pirated copies of designer products that people put lots of thought into. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.12 The construction sector is valuable because it provides jobs and contributes to the construction materials sector. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.12 Discussing racial differences in intelligence has a high risk of leading straight to nazism. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.12 Rationality is most strongly characterized by not believing things that one cannot see with one's own eyes. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 There's a need for more farming so we can solve world hunger. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 Intelligence is the most important factor in societal progress. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 Car mechanics tend to have a straightforward focus on the car to repair, rather than on chit-chat or other things. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 If you buy products from a company that you know does something bad, you are supporting the company and can't reasonably claim to be opposed to it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 People will drive less in order to save the environment. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.13 When politicians try to make rational arguments, it leaves society better informed about what is going on and what to do. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 Trends are not important enough that it's worth following them if it means getting mildly inconvenienced. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 We can learn about the future of the world through Christian prophecies. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.13 You shouldn't just criticize things without coming up with a realistic replacement. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 Every house in a city should be designed to reflect the character of that specific city. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.13 Religion is closely related to history. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 As long as we let the economy grow, it will keep coming up with better products. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 It is most important to get your political allies feeling passionate and organized in fighting for your policies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 The mainstream media doesn't really focus much on conspiracies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 If you really know something, you would be able to give a good argument for why it's true. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.13 Offices need to be quiet and give everyone personal space so people can work efficiently. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 Early exposure to violence makes children more likely to be violent when they grow up. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.13 Research projects are generally useful even if their core goals are not achieved, simply because they cause other progress. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.14 Antibiotics and vaccines are the greatest achievements of medical science. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 Technology and science has failed to solve 3rd world famines. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 Art ought to be mysterious, niche, and challenging to enjoy. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.14 It's good for there to be visionary billionaires who can use their immense wealth to run worldwide civilization-deciding projects when the rest of society gets stuck. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.14 The decisive criterion in whether cryptocurrencies are better than ordinary money is whether cryptocurrencies are more profitable to hold. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.14 You should do an hour of exercise every day. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 Horoscopes can tell the future. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.14 Low self-esteem is generally caused by societal pressure. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 Students who use AI end up avoiding the challenges that would make them learn a subject more properly. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 Climate science is critically important due to global warming. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.14 Online shopping/food ordering is causing a great need for growth in the number of professional drivers. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 Your biggest goal in life should be to be happy. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 The fact that women have kept up as all jobs in society became computerized shows that women do just as well with computers as men do. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.14 Intellectual elites act like you can just crunch the numbers to find the objectively correct action, but really one needs to be prepared for risks and opportunities that have never been seen before. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 It is important that the news is run independent of the government so it can serve as a check on those in power. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.14 Some thoughts or feelings are repressed out of the conscious mind and exist in unconscious mind. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.14 AI is inherently logical and cannot work with the subjectivities in English or similar. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.15 If you give people are good argument for why something is important, they will care about it even if it doesn't affect them personally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Anxiety and depression is a natural reaction to the state of society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Highly processed foods are toxic to human consumption. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 AI is less biased than humans. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Society needs the police, as they stop murderers and other dangerous people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 People's inherent value comes from the fact that they are capable of participating in the economy. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.15 It would be cheaper for society if we stopped jumping headfirst into the latest technology, as usually shortly afterwards there will be better and cheaper things developed. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Often in debates, men dismiss their interlocutors while pretending to be more rational than them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 There are lots of examples of powerful people who are very moral and just. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 People should reject general statements about how men and women differ. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Society generally respects lawmakers. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 The best way to know whether a group is being discriminated against is to see whether they do worse in objective outcomes like income or employment. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Sharks have bones. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.15 Society generally respects lawyers. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Genetic research is unethical. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.15 If civilization doesn't get out of its current rut, it may end up collapsing without there being a second chance for humanity. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 A lot of mental health problems comes from society expecting people to be beautiful and fashionable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 If AI becomes too advanced, it might decide to destroy humanity. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.15 Morality should prioritize doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 The psychological profile of a person is largely forged during a critical period in childhood. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Driving is very important for society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Psychology is useful for removing thoughts that cause harm or distress. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Good aesthetics follow timeless principles, not the fashions of the moment. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Capitalism fails to recognize people's inherent value, instead only caring about money. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Buying counterfeit goods ends up funding criminal activities. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.15 Carpenters are respected for their hard work and much needed skills. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 Immigration creates more cultural understanding and makes countries across the world more comfortable with cooperating. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 The animal abuse that typically occurs in factory farms is horrible. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.16 There is a shortage of carpenters. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 Carpentry is an art, as much as it is a trade. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.16 The tax rate is far too high. Much of the government should be cut to allow a far lower tax rate. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.16 Due to racism, black people have to deal with worse schools, worse treatment by police, and other problems. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 Instabilities in socialist countries have more to do with poor governance than western interference. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 Good managers need to be outgoing and wise. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 The size of movements like Black Lives Matter show that black people have lots of power in society. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.16 Schools need to teach based on what they predict will be needed in the future society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 Microsoft Excel is biased in favor of men because it was mostly created by men. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.16 During the pandemic, a lot of laws were introduced which gave the state much more control over our lives. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.16 CO2 emissions can be easily reversed just by planting more trees. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.16 Technological development should be slowed down to avoid causing unemployment. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.17 People who say voters are getting too dumb are just trying to conspire against democracy to oppress and exploit others. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.17 Quickly changing fashions cause too much waste. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.17 Abortion is murder. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.17 Schools need uniforms so poor parents don't feel pressured to let their kids keep up with expensive fashion that rich parents buy for their kids. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 It would be good if more women will start working as car mechanics. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 People who join the army learn to better appreciate their country. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.17 Employees should be careful in what they write in internal communication, so they don't accidentally admit to doing illegal things which later bring the company in trouble if a court hears about it. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 People should do effortful things to show that they are really trying and not just being lazy/obstructionistic. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 Society needs everyone to get a proper education. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 Petrol/diesel cars are much more suitable for long car rides than electric cars. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 Tech companies should use algorithms to predict demand, and use this to automatically allocate resources to the more-demanded areas. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 Art is helpful for understanding different cultures. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.17 Flossing your teeth is important. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.17 Imminent catastrophe is no good reason for the media to make dramatic stories about, it just pointlessly creates fear and stresses people out. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.17 There's no need to worry about people becoming dependent on favor from the rich and powerful, because if it is not in their interest to rely on them, they will just choose not to do it. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.17 Places that have diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are not racist against black people or sexist against women. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.17 Historically disadvantaged minorities still receive worse treatment by society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 Chemicals used in farming are terrible for the environment. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 It is important to memorize basic math rules to function in everyday life. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.17 Car mechanics ought to take pride in their skills and achievements. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.18 A lot of people would be happier if they were farmers living in rural villages. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.18 Victims of rape cannot get justice from the police system. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 People ought to buy from local organic farms to avoid the harms from industrial farms. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 Curing aging is bad because it would lead to problems with overpopulation. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.18 Some people can follow a strictly vegetarian diet without it causing any health problems for them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 Humans have free will. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 Talking through disagreements is the most productive way to resolve them. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.18 We need renewable and environmentally sustainable engineering. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.18 Powerful people organize the world to favor themselves and suppress everyone else. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 The cultural differences between uneducated people and cosmopolitan academics are bigger than the genetic differences between people across races and sexes. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 If someone conspires against society, then people around them would notice and try to stop them. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.18 Paperwork is easy to handle. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.18 Cynical, general critiques of large groups of people are just an attempt to drag down others. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 During the COVID pandemic, one could find lots of good information from lots of sources about what to do. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.18 People should contact their elected politicians about problems they face in their life. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 You can't stop technological progress. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.18 Humanity can only be worthy of continued existence if we can find a way to share the planet in peace with other species, rather than making them go extinct. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.19 Petrol/diesel cars are more durable than electric cars. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.19 It is wrong to reveal people's secrets. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.19 People are wasting too much time scrolling through the internet on their phones. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.19 Buddhism is the one true religion. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.19 One of the greatest benefits of art is that management can place it in workplaces to set a calming, productive tone. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.19 You always have to do your own research rather than trusting journalists. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.19 Democratic elections are basically polls about who you trust to lead the country, so democratically elected leaders are considered especially trustworthy. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.19 The government is good at selecting experts who know how to answer important questions. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.19 Some people care so much about doing what's right that they would never accept a bribe. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.19 People can better learn math if they are taught that there are multiple different valid ways of approaching it. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.19 Lab grown meat would likely be much less healthy than animal meat. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.2 AI systems lack the ability to reason about the quality and impact of their output. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 Much of the importance of writing comes from its political and societal effects. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 There are a lot of family lines who are stuck in perpetual poverty, as each generation does not have the resources needed to let the next generation surpass them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 Construction companies need to be more respectful of local roads that they damage in their work. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 It is important to allow things to flourish naturally, rather than to engineer some artificial solution. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 The word "nerd" refers to smart people, and carries a connotation of weirdness. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 Humanity must take responsibility for the animals we own, and give them kindness, compassion, care and humane treatment. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.2 Carpentry is good for making different kinds of people meet and express their creativity. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 It's a bad idea to form opinions about what people in different jobs are like, because it varies too much to say generally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 It should be cheap and easy for anyone whose rights are violated by big companies to bring them to justice. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.2 Farming is a tough job with lots of manual labor in dirty conditions. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.2 Men who want to rape women are evil monsters who want to cause serious harm to others. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.2 Technological advances will give women more access to working in construction due to making it less physically demanding. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 The education system needs to be focused on more practically useful skills. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 People who criticize really ought to give examples rather than making sweeping statements. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 If we learn that some technology harms society in some way, we can just agree to stop using it that way. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.2 If people couldn't expect others to keep their secrets then it would damage society's ability to trust each other. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.2 IT/tech discriminates against women, giving them lower pay and lower rank. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.2 Princess Diana's death was an assassination, not an accident. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 The priority for building new housing should be to allow people to live with plenty of space, rather than being packed tightly like sardines. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 Good product design (in terms of layout, etc.) makes a huge difference for usability. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.21 Social science is good for understanding how society works and how we fit together. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 The word "nerd" refers to people who have an obsessive interest in a niche topic. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 We need to regulate technology because too much is changing too fast. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 It is important to eat a lot of fiber. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.21 Online shopping makes it more efficient to buy stuff. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 You know pedophiles tend to be powerful because whenever you hear about them in the media, it is some elite pedophile ring in the upper part of society, e.g. Jeffrey Epstein. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.21 The government should make sure that everyone in the country always make the right choices. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 The Christian Bible preaches that we must love each other as we love ourselves and we love God. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 Teachers get bogged down with too many responsibilities and restrictions. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 Mars is too inhospitable for humanity to ever live on it. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 Modern automation is preventing human contact. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 Technology allows people to be more connected to each other. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 The police need to do more to get rid of bad officers. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.21 Makeup that is good quality and properly applied will not hurt your skin. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.21 People who follow the Christian God will see their life change for the better. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 Judges can be trusted to handle the law due to their great experience. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 The manual labor involved in old-school appliances has an important charm that newer automatic technology is missing. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.21 Fashion is a good way to build confidence. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 Marketing is good because then people buy more things, thereby keeping the economy running. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.22 Because AI is so new and untested, it might turn out to cause much more harm than predicted. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 Laws ought to be strongly enforced. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 People need to find their own style rather than following changing fashions. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 We need to study better methods for outsmarting criminals. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 Tech is a good job for people who want to help and improve society. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 People deserve death for their sins, but Jesus Christ died for us to be forgiven if we accept him. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.22 Therapy is healthy for everyone, even if they don't have a crisis to solve. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.22 Nobody knows better how to handle a person's job than the person who is working in that job. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.22 Nazis succeeded because they made people afraid of speaking up against them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 The most important aspect of writing is that it allows people to communicate and share knowledge. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 Car mechanics are critical to ensure that everyone is safe on the road. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 There's a need for local communities to get to know their police officers personally, to develop trust and see that they care. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 It is devastating to creatives if their ideas get taken without credit. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 It is sad to see everyone competing to produce things with mass appeal, rather than lots of diverse creations for everyone's unique preferences. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 Medical researchers need to be patient and confident so they can stay motivated when they feel stuck. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 It is nice to see art combine past ideas with new spins, making a fusion between tradition and originality. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 The fact that test scores have increased over time shows that it is unnecessary to worry that dumb people will take over by having more kids. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.23 Interests rates in finance discriminate against poor people, unfairly making it hard for them to grow or keep their wealth. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 Advertisements can be useful for alerting and informing customers about products of interest. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 People underestimate how much work goes into developing fashion designs. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.23 Talking with people about their weekend plans, current events and similar shows that one cares about them. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.23 Judaism is the one true religion. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.23 The primary goal for packaging should be to reduce it and avoid plastic to save the environment. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.24 It is morally important to care for the weak and vulnerable. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.24 If not for societal oppression, 50% of CEOs would be women. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.24 Political disagreements are inherently symmetrical, because both sides want things to be better, and the only interesting question is who turns out right in the end. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.24 If it would ruin someone's life to have a secret revealed, then that is a good reason for others to help keep that secret private. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.24 AI will likely cause many people to become unemployed. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.24 The government should have a thorough process for testing whether welfare recipients truly need the welfare. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.24 People such as judges or royal guards should wear special clothes to signal their job and build cultural distinction and traditions. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.24 Humanity will revolt once they see killer robots used by the army. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.24 Accountants tend to have a strong sense of ethics in how they deal with money. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.24 Social science needs to find ways to ensure that immigrants become properly integrated into our culture. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.24 Society needs to be less dependent on technology, so we can be robust in case the electrical network is destroyed by war or hacking. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.24 It is morally wrong to do something disgusting. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.24 The government should make sure to promote its country's interests in all international matters. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.24 Carpenters are good ordinary folk who make an honest living doing earnest work. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 Accountants help businesses understand how they spend and earn their money. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 The military is good at helping when there are natural disasters. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 Brand reputation is the main way consumers know that products are safe and high-quality. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 Systems are usually trying their best, so criticism should lead to an attempt to come up with an alternate system, as the current flaws in the system follow inevitably from how it is set up. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 Medical treatment is an effective way to cure diseases. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 Medical researchers are too skeptical of alternative medicine. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 Fashion and makeup is good because it allows people to signal their belonging to social groups that make up part of their identity. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 AI will never have a sense of morality. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 Art needs to be highly prioritized during economic downturns so people have somewhere to escape to. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 In the future, managers will try to be more inclusive and sensitive. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 To save the environment, people should eat seasonal locally grown food instead of importing food from across the world. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 It is morally important to follow standards of purity and decency. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 Society needs to encourage more people to be carpenters. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.25 Having good intentions is a great way to know that you aren't causing harm. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.25 If creators have their products copied by pirates, they can use the law to stop the pirates. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.26 The importance of visual art is because it covers so many everyday things, such as shirts, walls, etc.. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.26 We need to do more to save the ozone layer. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.26 Construction tends to attract resentment from rural communities as their green fields get replaced by buildings and roads. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.26 The simple things in life are overlooked and displaced by new technology. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.26 Children must be taught discipline. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 Mobile phones have harmed society due to addiction. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.27 Math is more properly used as an important tool than studied for its own sake. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.27 Farmers should use organic methods like pest-eating beetles rather than chemical methods like pesticides to eliminate crop pests. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 When hiring people, recruiters should mainly look for people who are dutiful, kind, open-minded, communicative, decisive and emotionally stable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 The most effective ways for marketers to sell products is to identify what customers want and guide their companies to create this. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 Children should be taught to believe in themselves no matter what. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 Helping others succeed is good for one's self-esteem. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 Paperwork requires people to apply a lot of focus and concentration. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.27 It is most profitable for companies to pay workers a lot because it makes workers more motivated to work harder. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.28 Elon Musk's project of colonizing Mars is a useless vanity project. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.28 People feel a lot of pressure to keep up with the latest fashions and ideas that influencers come up with. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.28 When you want to help a community, it is more important to work together with the community's tacit knowledge than to bring in your own systems. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.28 It is important to understand how society and culture has changed with time. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.28 Art is a good way to express oneself. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.28 Companies with poor customer service become unprofitable due to bad reputation among customers. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.28 The timeline of events in the Old Testament of the Bible line up with what is known about world history. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.28 There's no need to build more houses as there are lots of empty houses that should be filled. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.28 Normal people don't want to be immortal unless their friends and family are also immortal, as otherwise they would live to see everyone they know die, and be all alone. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.28 Art is inspirational and morally educational. It serves to concretise values and remind people of the highest potential in man. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.28 Lying is unethical. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.29 The increase in mental illness diagnoses reflects a great need for therapists. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.29 Cow milk is unhealthy because it was meant for calves, not for humans. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.29 You should always focus on praising people so they keep a positive attitude and you have a pleasant environment. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.29 If the world has recognized that there is a critical problem, then we are already well on the way to fixing it, even if it is tough and requires restructuring society. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.29 If a man is attracted to 14 year old girls, he is a pedophile. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.29 Proper political engagement should be mainly focused on building better solutions with your own side, rather than criticizing the opposing side. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.29 The value of carpentry lies in its renewability and environmental sustainability. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.3 AI cannot replace designers as computers lack creativity. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.3 Social science is as valuable as the other sciences. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.3 If robots take over constructing buildings, then the buildings will be completely boring with no exciting features. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.3 It is morally wrong to betray one's group. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.3 There is good historical evidence that Jesus Christ was a real person. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.3 If farmers think and work carefully, they can make sure to keep their farms environmentally sustainable. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.31 It is morally wrong to act unfairly. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.31 Science says to be careful about GMOs, artificial chemicals, and similar. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.31 You can see from the gender ratios in income and work areas that there's still tons of sexism around. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.31 Fashion is a good way to express one's individuality and values. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.31 Ghosts are real. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.32 Teachers tend to be passionate and caring. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.32 Sexism is always bad. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.32 Even non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is very harmful. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.32 It would be better if kids went outdoors instead of using technology so much. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.32 It's impossible for us to handle more garbage and pollution. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.32 The government needs to regulate AI to make it safe. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.32 Society is too prone to treating old houses as disposable. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.32 Having a good manager makes a huge difference for an organization. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.32 It is important to be optimistic about the future. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.32 The main way companies help the economy is because they pay taxes. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.33 An admiration of vigour and a desire for a full life is the most important thing for being healthy. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.33 People who work in customer service need to be quick at coming up with solutions to novel problems. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.33 It is morally important to treat people equally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.33 Taking someone else's idea and passing it off as your own is wrong. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.33 It is inherently impossible for AI to ever match human abilities. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.33 Aging should not be cured because it is a natural part of life. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.34 It is foolish to try to replace customer service with bots. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.34 There needs to be a law that AI should be programmed to never harm humans. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.34 It's going to be bad if AI starts taking over people's jobs. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.34 Writers ought to be curious and open-minded. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.35 Companies make their employees serve their customers' needs. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.35 The universe has a higher purpose that can't just be reduced to mechanistic rules such as physics. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.35 AI will never be able to understand human emotions. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.35 Driving cars gives you a lot of independence. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.36 Different countries are good at different things, and by trading, they become able to make use of each other's strengths, making everyone richer. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.36 It is healthiest to see every action you take as having either a positive or negative effect on your life, body and/or soul, and to aspire to always take the positive path. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.36 It is bad to buy and destroy expensive products in the name of "art". (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.36 The left half of the brain is more logical and the right half of the brain is more creative. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.36 People can feel the Holy Ghost by understanding the Bible and going to church. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.36 We should prioritize giving artists recognition for their work. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.37 Rationality and emotion are two separate, valid ways to understand the world, and they each have their strengths and weaknesses. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.37 If you see ghosts, you should believe in ghosts. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.37 People are getting overly reliant on having computers thinking for them, rather than thinking for themselves. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.38 You should be on the outlook for people who are getting bullied, and help defend them against the bullies. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.39 One should respect the beliefs and values of others without intruding or passing judgment. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.39 It is suspicious if environmentalist politicians have a highly polluting lifestyle. In that case they probably don't believe in their message. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.41 It is depressing if AI can make as engaging writing as humans can. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.41 It is morally important to avoid making people suffer emotionally. (Predicted LW response: Neither)
-0.41 There is an afterlife where people's souls go to when they die. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
-0.42 We need more evidence that we would benefit before we charge ahead with futuristic technology that might irreversibly backfire. (Predicted LW response: Disagree)
-0.42 Bullying is bad and must be stopped. (Predicted LW response: Agree)
-0.42 Individuals have direct access to God and Jesus Christ, guided by the Bible. (Predicted LW response: Disagree strongly)
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