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taitep /
Last active October 16, 2023 12:26 — forked from matey-jack/dl-list-mini.fs
Simple doubly-linked list in safe Rust
//! A doubly-linked list in 50 LOCs of stable and safe Rust.
// Backup-fork of
use std::cell::RefCell;
use std::rc::{Rc, Weak};
use std::fmt::Display;
// The node type stores the data and two pointers.
// It uses Option to represent nullability in safe Rust. It has zero overhead
// over a null pointer due to the NonZero optimization.
taitep / .replit
Created January 20, 2023 13:46
Dart replit config
run = "dart run"
language = ""
packageSearch = true
guessImports = false