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Created Dec 27, 2017
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import processing.pdf.*;
import java.util.Calendar;
boolean savePDF = false;
void setup() {
void settings() {
int dpi=72;
float width_mm=210;
float height_mm=297;
int width_px=int(width_mm*0.03937*dpi);
int height_px=int(height_mm*0.03937*dpi);
size(width_px, height_px);
void draw() {
if (savePDF) beginRecord(PDF, timestamp()+".pdf");
colorMode(HSB, width, height, 100);
// write some code...
if (savePDF) {
savePDF = false;
void keyPressed() {
if (key=='s' || key=='S') saveFrame(timestamp()+"_##.png");
if (key=='p' || key=='P') savePDF = true;
String timestamp() {
Calendar now = Calendar.getInstance();
return String.format("%1$ty%1$tm%1$td_%1$tH%1$tM%1$tS", now);
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