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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Fluentd check for Datadog (
# stdlib
import re
import urllib2
import urlparse
# project
from util import headers
from checks import AgentCheck
from checks.utils import add_basic_auth
# 3rd party
import simplejson as json
class Fluentd(AgentCheck):
"""Tracks basic fluentd metrics via the monitor_agent plugin
* number of retry_count
* number of buffer_queue_length
* number of buffer_total_queued_size
$ curl http://localhost:24220/api/plugins.json
{"plugins":[{"type": "monitor_agent", ...}, {"type": "forward", ...}]}
def check(self, instance):
if 'monitor_agent_url' not in instance:
raise Exception('Fluentd instance missing "monitor_agent_url" value.')
tags = instance.get('tags', [])
response = self._get_data(instance)
metrics = self._parse_json(response, tags)
funcs = {
'gauge': self.gauge,
'histogram': self.histogram,
for row in metrics:
name, value, tags, metric_type = row
func = funcs[metric_type]
func(name, value, tags)
except Exception:
self.log.error(u'Could not submit metric: %s' % repr(row))
def _get_data(self, instance):
url = instance.get('monitor_agent_url')
req = urllib2.Request(url, None, headers(self.agentConfig))
parsed_url = urlparse.urlparse(url)
response = urllib2.urlopen(req)
except Exception:
def _parse_json(self, raw, tags=None):
if tags is None:
tags = []
output = []
parsed = json.loads(raw)
except Exception:
self.log.error(u'Could not parse json: %s' % repr(row))
output.append(['fluentd.alive', 0, tags, 'gauge'])
output.append(['fluentd.alive', 1, tags, 'gauge'])
for plg in parsed['plugins']:
for metric in ('retry_count', 'buffer_total_queued_size', 'buffer_queue_length'):
if metric in plg:
output.append(['fluentd.monitor_agent.%s' % (metric), plg[metric], tags, 'histogram'])
return output
- monitor_agent_url: ''
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