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#!/usr/bin/env bash
options="-i Run in interactive mode.
-l Run /usr/bin/leaks -nocontext before exiting.
-p Set the prompt to prompt (implies -i).
-q Be less verbose.
-v Be more verbose about what's going on.
help Show all commands, or show usage for a command.
list-keychains Display or manipulate the keychain search list.
default-keychain Display or set the default keychain.
login-keychain Display or set the login keychain.
create-keychain Create keychains and add them to the search list.
delete-keychain Delete keychains and remove them from the search list.
lock-keychain Lock the specified keychain.
unlock-keychain Unlock the specified keychain.
set-keychain-settings Set settings for a keychain.
set-keychain-password Set password for a keychain.
show-keychain-info Show the settings for keychain.
dump-keychain Dump the contents of one or more keychains.
create-keypair Create an asymmetric key pair.
add-generic-password Add a generic password item.
add-internet-password Add an internet password item.
add-certificates Add certificates to a keychain.
find-generic-password Find a generic password item.
delete-generic-password Delete a generic password item.
find-internet-password Find an internet password item.
delete-internet-password Delete an internet password item.
find-certificate Find a certificate item.
find-identity Find an identity (certificate + private key).
delete-certificate Delete a certificate from a keychain.
set-identity-preference Set the preferred identity to use for a service.
get-identity-preference Get the preferred identity to use for a service.
create-db Create a db using the DL.
export Export items from a keychain.
import Import items into a keychain.
cms Encode or decode CMS messages.
install-mds Install (or re-install) the MDS database.
add-trusted-cert Add trusted certificate(s).
remove-trusted-cert Remove trusted certificate(s).
dump-trust-settings Display contents of trust settings.
user-trust-settings-enable Display or manipulate user-level trust settings.
trust-settings-export Export trust settings.
trust-settings-import Import trust settings.
verify-cert Verify certificate(s).
authorize Perform authorization operations.
authorizationdb Make changes to the authorization policy database.
execute-with-privileges Execute tool with privileges.
leaks Run /usr/bin/leaks on this process.
error Display a descriptive message for the given error code(s).
create-filevaultmaster-keychain Create a keychain containing a key pair for FileVault recovery use."
# echo "$options" | awk '{print $1 }'
### 引数をecho するだけの簡単な関数。
### 補完関数。
list=$( echo "$options" | awk '{print $1}')
COMPREPLY=( $(compgen -W "$list" ${COMP_WORDS[COMP_CWORD]} ) )
complete -F _security security
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