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# This method will add a normalized person
# record to our members array
def _add_person_record(self, dict):
person = {
'id': self._get_id(dict),
'active': self._get_active(dict),
'lastName': self._get_last_name(dict),
'firstName': self._get_first_name(dict),
'gender': self._get_gender(dict),
'party': self._get_party(dict),
'council' : self._get_council(dict),
'electedDate': self._get_elected_date(dict),
'birthDate': self._get_birthdate(dict),
'maritalStatus': self._get_marital_status(dict),
'title': self._get_title(dict),
'statePostalCode': self._get_state_postal_code(dict),
'district': self._get_district(dict),
'zip': self._get_zip(dict),
'townName': self._get_town_name(dict)
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