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Permanently delete Outlook for Mac messages
tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
set theMessages to the selection
permanently delete theMessages
end tell

1. Open the AppleScript Editor application found in /Applications/Utilities.
2. Copy the above four-line script and paste it into a blank AppleScript Editor window.
3. Select problem messages in Outlook for Mac.
4. Click the Run button in AppleScript Editor to execute the script and delete the messages.


Thank you but not working, I followed your script instruction and this error message existed:
error "Microsoft Outlook got an error: Can’t make missing value into type message." number -1700 from missing value to message


I also get a Script error: Microsoft Outlook got an error: Can’t make {outgoing message id 161304, outgoing message id 170700, outgoing message id 179073, outgoing message id 181751, outgoing message id 183661, outgoing message id 185209, outgoing message id 187285, outgoing message id 189011, outgoing message id 189296} into type message.


Try this:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
set theMessages to the selection
repeat with theItem in theMessages
permanently delete theItem
end repeat
end tell


Still didn't work. Thanks for trying


Thank you for posting that script. I got an account here specifically so that I could say "thank you" to you.
May I ask how did you come about it?

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