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Reads managed Apple admin account for date and time of last password change and reports in ISO 8601 format.
# get LAPS account username
lapsUsername=$( /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "Print :Users:0:shortName" /var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Settings/.setupUser )
# read LAPS account for password information
userPasswordInfo=$( /usr/bin/dscl . read "/Users/$lapsUsername" accountPolicyData | /usr/bin/tail -n +4 )
# extract Unix epoch date from account password information
passwordChangeDateEpoch=$( /usr/bin/xpath -e '//key[text()="passwordLastSetTime"]/following-sibling::real[1]/text()' 2>/dev/null <<< "$userPasswordInfo" )
# convert Unix epoch date to ISO 8601 standard format
passwordChangeDate=$( /bin/date -j -f "%s" "$passwordChangeDateEpoch" +"%F %T" 2>/dev/null )
# report value to Jamf Pro according to computer's local time zone
echo "<result>$passwordChangeDate</result>"
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