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Fire Spinning
Q: How do I hold and spin the poi?
A: You can hold the poi any way that feels comfortable. You can use arm action, wrist action, or a combination of both.
Q: How can I get better at a "triple weave?"
A: Break it down, then reassemble. Learn each individual arm movement, then combine.
J: This may be more suitable for the way I think (breaking things into simple steps, then combining to do something complex)
A: Just go for it. Keep trying together, 'til you get it.
J: Sometimes this approach is faster – you're trying to reach your goal immediately, instead of waiting to perfect steps one at a time.
Q: How can I overcome my fear of fire?
A: Just fucking do it! Even if it's for two seconds. Then try 30 seconds. And a minute. Boom.
A: Who says you have to. The world of uncombusted things is fine as it is.
Q: How can I make my planes better?
A: With one hand at a time, try to spin the poi parallel to the wall (for wall plane or that other plane), paralell to the floor (ceiling plane)
A: Stand in front of a mirror.
Q: What are the best resources that you know of for this?
A: Class, friend, YouTube.
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