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Looping through a list of docker images and execute their stages in parallel. More info here:
def docker_images = ["python:2.7.14", "python:3.5.4", "python:3.6.2"]
def get_stages(docker_image) {
stages = {
docker.image(docker_image).inside {
stage("${docker_image}") {
echo 'Running in ${docker_image}'
stage("Stage A") {
switch (docker_image) {
case "python:2.7.14":
sh 'exit 123' // for python 2.7.14 we force an error for fun
sh 'sleep 10' // for any other docker image, we sleep 10s
sh 'echo this is stage A' // this is executed for all
stage("Stage B") {
sh 'sleep 5'
sh 'echo this is stage B'
stage("Stage C") {
sh 'sleep 8'
sh 'echo this is stage C'
return stages
node('master') {
def stages = [:]
for (int i = 0; i < docker_images.size(); i++) {
def docker_image = docker_images[i]
stages[docker_image] = get_stages(docker_image)
parallel stages
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