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Python Regular Example
# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
import re
def testReChinese():
source = "狗b狗B骂你祖宗"
temp = source.decode('utf8')
print "同时匹配中文英文"
print "--------------------------"
xx = u"狗[^一-龥]*[Bb痹逼]|肛[^一-龥]*门|狗屎吃多|骂你祖宗|天天骂你"
pattern = re.compile(xx)
results = pattern.findall(temp)
for result in results:
print result
print "--------------------------"
def testReplace():
print'[abc]', 'Mark cook').group()
print re.sub('[abc]', 'o', 'Mar cook')
print re.sub('[abc]', 'o', 'rock')
print re.sub('[abc]', 'o', 'caps')
def testReplaceText():
source = "狗b狗B骂你祖宗nidaye"
text = source.decode('utf8')
xx = u"狗[^一-龥]*[Bb痹逼]|肛[^一-龥]*门|狗屎吃多|骂你祖宗|天天骂你|nida"
pattern = re.compile(xx)
def replaceFun( matched ):
matchStr = 0 )
return '*' * len(matchStr)
result = pattern.sub( replaceFun, text )
print result
def testMatch():
m = re.match(r'(\w+) (\w+)(?P<sign>.*)', 'hello world!')
print "m.string:", m.string
print "",
print "m.pos:", m.pos
print "m.endpos:", m.endpos
print "m.lastindex:", m.lastindex
print "m.lastgroup:", m.lastgroup
print ",2):",, 2)
print "m.groups():", m.groups()
print "m.groupdict():", m.groupdict()
print "m.start(2):", m.start(2)
print "m.end(2):", m.end(2)
print "m.span(2):", m.span(2)
print r"m.expand(r'\2 \1\3'):", m.expand(r'\2 \1\3')
def testPatern():
p = re.compile(r'(\w+) (\w+)(?P<sign>.*)', re.DOTALL)
print "p.pattern:", p.pattern
print "p.flags:", p.flags
print "p.groups:", p.groups
print "p.groupindex:", p.groupindex
if __name__ == '__main__':
# testReChinese()
# testReplaceText()
# testMatch()
# testPatern()
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