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Last active Aug 9, 2020
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000000 121a JP 0x21a
000002 434f SNE V3, 0x4f
000004 4e4e SNE Ve, 0x4e
000006 4543 SNE V5, 0x43
000008 5434 DW 0x5434
00000a 2062 CALL 0x62
00000c 7920 ADD V9, 0x20
00000e 4461 SNE V4, 0x61
000010 7669 ADD V6, 0x69
000012 6420 LD V4, 0x20
000014 5749 DW 0x5749
000016 4e54 SNE Ve, 0x54
000018 4552 SNE V5, 0x52
00001a a2bb LD I, 0x2bb
00001c f665 LD V6, [I]
00001e a2b4 LD I, 0x2b4
000020 f655 LD [I], V6
000022 6900 LD V9, 0x00
000024 6801 LD V8, 0x01
000026 6b00 LD Vb, 0x00
000028 6d0f LD Vd, 0x0f
00002a 6e1f LD Ve, 0x1f
00002c a2a5 LD I, 0x2a5
00002e 600d LD V0, 0x0d
000030 6132 LD V1, 0x32
000032 6200 LD V2, 0x00
000034 d02f DRW V0, V2, 0xf
000036 d12f DRW V1, V2, 0xf
000038 720f ADD V2, 0x0f
00003a 321e SE V2, 0x1e
00003c 1234 JP 0x234
00003e d021 DRW V0, V2, 0x1
000040 d121 DRW V1, V2, 0x1
000042 7201 ADD V2, 0x01
000044 600a LD V0, 0x0a
000046 a29f LD I, 0x29f
000048 d021 DRW V0, V2, 0x1
00004a d121 DRW V1, V2, 0x1
00004c a29f LD I, 0x29f
00004e dde1 DRW Vd, Ve, 0x1
000050 fc0a LD Vc, K
000052 dde1 DRW Vd, Ve, 0x1
000054 4c05 SNE Vc, 0x05
000056 127e JP 0x27e
000058 3c04 SE Vc, 0x04
00005a 126a JP 0x26a
00005c 7bff ADD Vb, 0xff
00005e 7dfb ADD Vd, 0xfb
000060 3d0a SE Vd, 0x0a
000062 127a JP 0x27a
000064 6b06 LD Vb, 0x06
000066 6d2d LD Vd, 0x2d
000068 127a JP 0x27a
00006a 3c06 SE Vc, 0x06
00006c 1298 JP 0x298
00006e 7b01 ADD Vb, 0x01
000070 7d05 ADD Vd, 0x05
000072 3d32 SE Vd, 0x32
000074 127a JP 0x27a
000076 6b00 LD Vb, 0x00
000078 6d0f LD Vd, 0x0f
00007a dde1 DRW Vd, Ve, 0x1
00007c 1250 JP 0x250
00007e a2b4 LD I, 0x2b4
000080 fb1e ADD I, Vb
000082 f065 LD V0, [I]
000084 40fc SNE V0, 0xfc
000086 1298 JP 0x298
000088 8a00 LD Va, V0
00008a 70fb ADD V0, 0xfb
00008c f055 LD [I], V0
00008e 8983 XOR V9, V8
000090 a29e LD I, 0x29e
000092 3900 SE V9, 0x00
000094 a2a1 LD I, 0x2a1
000096 dda4 DRW Vd, Va, 0x4
000098 a29f LD I, 0x29f
00009a dde1 DRW Vd, Ve, 0x1
00009c 1250 JP 0x250
00009e 60f0 LD V0, 0xf0
0000a0 f060 DW 0xf060
0000a2 9090 SNE V0, V9
0000a4 6080 LD V0, 0x80
0000a6 8080 LD V0, V8
0000a8 8080 LD V0, V8
0000aa 8080 LD V0, V8
0000ac 8080 LD V0, V8
0000ae 8080 LD V0, V8
0000b0 8080 LD V0, V8
0000b2 8080 LD V0, V8
0000b4 1a1a JP 0xa1a
0000b6 1a1a JP 0xa1a
0000b8 1a1a JP 0xa1a
0000ba 1a1a JP 0xa1a
0000bc 1a1a JP 0xa1a
0000be 1a1a JP 0xa1a
0000c0 1a1a JP 0xa1a
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Simodevv commented Aug 9, 2020

What is this?


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