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Created Mar 16, 2021
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pragma solidity 0.6.11;
pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2;
interface IStdReference {
/// A structure returned whenever someone requests for standard reference data.
struct ReferenceData {
uint256 rate; // base/quote exchange rate, multiplied by 1e18.
uint256 lastUpdatedBase; // UNIX epoch of the last time when base price gets updated.
uint256 lastUpdatedQuote; // UNIX epoch of the last time when quote price gets updated.
/// Returns the price data for the given base/quote pair. Revert if not available.
function getReferenceData(string memory _base, string memory _quote)
returns (ReferenceData memory);
/// Similar to getReferenceData, but with multiple base/quote pairs at once.
function getReferenceDataBulk(string[] memory _bases, string[] memory _quotes)
returns (ReferenceData[] memory);
contract DemoOracle {
IStdReference ref;
uint256 public price;
constructor(IStdReference _ref) public {
ref = _ref;
function getPrice() external view returns (uint256){
IStdReference.ReferenceData memory data = ref.getReferenceData("BTC","USD");
return data.rate;
function getMultiPrices() external view returns (uint256[] memory){
string[] memory baseSymbols = new string[](2);
baseSymbols[0] = "BTC";
baseSymbols[1] = "ETH";
string[] memory quoteSymbols = new string[](2);
quoteSymbols[0] = "USD";
quoteSymbols[1] = "USD";
IStdReference.ReferenceData[] memory data = ref.getReferenceDataBulk(baseSymbols,quoteSymbols);
uint256[] memory prices = new uint256[](2);
prices[0] = data[0].rate;
prices[1] = data[1].rate;
return prices;
function savePrice(string memory base, string memory quote) external {
IStdReference.ReferenceData memory data = ref.getReferenceData(base,quote);
price = data.rate;
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