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MailMate Tips

Smart Mailbox that includes threads (replies or forwards by me)

  • Mailboxes: Any of All Messages
  • Conditions: All of Thread-Id (chose from Others) → is inInboxThread-Id


Copy the MyKeyBindings.plist file into ~/Library/Application Support/MailMate/Resources/KeyBindings then type "MyKeyBindings" into the "Custom Key Bindings" field in the General section of settings.

tanyuan /
Created April 23, 2019 06:52
Markdown tools

Markdown Tools


  • CotEditor - Plain text editor with drag in support.
  • Marked 2 - Markdown previewer with custom CSS and preprocessor.
tanyuan /
Created April 23, 2019 06:44
iPad Apps

iPad Apps


  • GoodNotes (Apple Pencil) - Hand-writing Notes. Great tool for visual thinkers.

Reading PDF

  • ‎PDF Viewer Pro by PSPDFKit - Free PDF reader that integrate with iOS Files and the annotation is compatible with Preview on Mac.
  • LiquidText (Apple Pencil) - Flexible annotation using Apple Pencil for PDF.


tanyuan /
Created April 23, 2019 06:43
Mac Apps

Mac Apps

Free Apps

  • iTerm2 - The best terminal. Support Vim better. See this gist for tips and tricks.
  • CotEditor - A simple and neat plain text editor.
  • Skim - A PDF reader designed for annotating academic papers.
  • IINA - A more powerful video player.
  • The Unarchiver - Decompress RAR, 7-Zip, Tar, etc.
  • DaisyDisk (Freemium) - Examine disk usage with a pie chart.
tanyuan /
Last active May 15, 2021 17:41
Edit LaTeX and view PDF in Atom!

Edit LaTeX and view PDF in Atom (Pretty easy!)

  1. Download and install Atom.
  2. Install LaTeX for your OS.
  1. Open Atom, install packages: Go to Preferences... > Left pane Install > Search and install packages:
  • pdf-view: view PDF in Atom.
tanyuan /
Last active February 3, 2018 10:37
Windows applications
tanyuan /
Last active May 15, 2023 18:24
Elementary OS (Ubuntu) Samba Server Setup

Setup up Samba file server on Elementary OS (Ubuntu)

So you can access files from other computers (Linux, Mac, Windows) on the same network!

  1. Install Samba:
sudo apt install samba samba-common
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class RecordROI : MonoBehaviour {
public GameObject highlight;
public string path;
private Vector3 mousePos;
private Vector3 spherePos;
tanyuan /
Created January 11, 2018 20:46
📘 Create Day One entry using simple graphical interface (Zenity) on Linux and import to Day One on Mac.
if [ "$noteDir" != "" ]
date=$(date '+%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S')
# Create a text box
zNewData=$(zenity --text-info --editable --width 650 --height 400)