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concrete5 5.7系で、更新されたスタックとグローバルエリアが利用されているページのcID一覧を取得するJobのサンプルコード
namespace Application\Job;
use Concrete\Core\Cache\Cache;
use Config;
use Job as AbstractJob;
use Core;
use Database;
use PermissionKey;
use Group;
use DateTime;
use CollectionAttributeKey;
use Concrete\Core\Permission\Access\Entity\GroupEntity as GroupPermissionAccessEntity;
use Concrete\Core\Multilingual\Page\Section\Section as MultilingualSection;
use Page;
use PageList;
use Events;
use StackList;
use Stack;
use Loader;
class GetUpdatedStackPages extends AbstractJob
/** Returns the job name.
* @return string
public function getJobName()
return t('Get updated pages include Stack and Global Area');
/** Returns the job description.
* @return string
public function getJobDescription()
return t('Get updated pages include Stack and Global Area.');
/** Executes the job.
* @throws \Exception Throws an exception in case of errors.
* @return string Returns a string describing the job result in case of success.
public function run()
$date = "2016-03-23 00:00:00";//更新基準日時
try {
$sl = new StackList();
$sl->filter('cvDateCreated', $date, ">");
$rs = $sl->get();
$stacks = array();
$globals = array();
foreach($rs as $s){//スタックとグローバルエリアを分ける
if($s->getStackType() == Stack::ST_TYPE_GLOBAL_AREA){
$globals[] = $s->getStackName();// Stack name = Global area name
$stacks[] = $s->getCollectionID();
$db = Loader::db();
$sql = "
FROM CollectionVersionBlocks as cvb
INNER JOIN CollectionVersions as cv ON cv.cvID = cvb.cvID AND cvb.cID = cv.cID
WHERE cvb.bID IN (
SELECT sd.bID FROM btCoreStackDisplay as sd WHERE sd.stID IN ( ".implode(",",$stacks)." )
AND cv.cvIsApproved = 1
AND cv.pTemplateID > 5
GROUP BY cvb.cID";
$rs = $db->query($sql);
$results = array();
foreach($rs as $r){
$results[] = $r["cID"];
$sql = "SELECT cID From Areas WHERE arHandle IN ( '".implode("','",$globals)."' )";
$rs = $db->query($sql);
foreach($rs as $r){
$results[] = $r["cID"];
$results = array_unique($results);
return implode(",", $results);
} catch (\Exception $x) {
throw $x;
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