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Created Dec 14, 2018
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/** Fetch all conferences */
let selectConferencesQuery;
try {
selectConferencesQuery = await query(
'SELECT id, name, description, dates, tags, image FROM conferences'
} catch (e) {}
/** Fetch the count of subevents related to a conference */
const conferenceIds =
result =>
try {
await Promise.all( conferenceId => {
const countQuery = await query(
'SELECT COUNT(*) as count from conferences_subevents_mapping WHERE cid=?',
} catch (e) {}

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@tarang9211 tarang9211 commented Dec 14, 2018

This function is to get all the conferences. I do not need the list of subevents, I only need the count of it. I think with this method I will have to mutate the selectedConferences.results array and update the count manually. Is there a better suggestion?

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