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Last active May 20, 2021
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Chaotica Apophysis definition
world flame Container that holds all of the parameters defining a single fractal
chaos file (.chaos) flame file(.flame) xml text file that holds one the parameters for one or more fractals
parameter browser mutation window window designed to allow people to explore randomly henerated fractsls without needing to know how to design thrm.
Main window main window shows a large version of the fractal. This is the key feature difference between apophysis and Chaotica: The large Fractal that apophysis shows is just a preview, and it Hass to be rendered separately, while the large Fractal that chaotic, is showing is a render in progress and if you leave it alone it will keep rendering.
iterator transform one of the list of functions that makes up an Iterated function system type fractal.
palette gradient the collection of colors used to color the Fractal. A chaotic a pallet is a completely different coloring system to generate the colors then an apophysis gradient.
transform variation a subfunction in a collection of functions that createxan iterated function system. This is the most confusing clash of terms between chaotic up and apophysis. Up for what a chaotic at transform is. It's not the same thing as an apophysis transform
shader ??? Chaotica Shader = Node container that contains the palette location, blend speed and opacity.
pallette location transform color these behave differently in apophysis and chaotic up because they are backed by different kinds of math
camera transform final transfirm Both Chaotica and apophysis can be thought of as a camera looking down onto a table and the Fractal is a map spread out on the table. The camera transform is a way of distorting the lens on the camera.
blend speed Color speed ???
selectors xaos Controls the connections between iterators in iterator function systems. The connections control how the iterators interact.
World browser flame list List of Fractal's currently loaded and available for editing
render settings ??
render width render height
AA ??
OpenCL pretty sure this is not applicable
imaging settings ??
Tone mapping ??
brightness Brightness - How bright the image is. It's a multiplier on density (how muchstructure is in an area)
1/gamma 1/Gamma - Think of this as contrast. It trades brightness for body. The higher
the gamma, the less impact brightness has and vice versa.
highlight power ?? Highlight Power - This changes how the brightest and densest parts of the fractal show up.
Gamma Threshold Gamma Threshold - Raising this value hides the less dense parts of your fractal.
Response curves
overall curve The overall curve controls the
low, mid and high lights in the image.
red not applicable controls the red
green not applicable controls the green
blue not applicable controls the blue
alpha very hidden render as png setting controls the alpha
background color background color Controls the background color of the Fractal
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