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Created February 10, 2016 23:20
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Magit 2.5 released
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I've seen this mentioned in a few other places but have you considered patreon?

I use magit near constantly and would happily setup a monthly contribution for it

All the same, thank you (and everyone else) for an excellent tool, I wish you all the best with whatever comes next

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tarsius commented Feb 16, 2016

I've set that up now:

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aspiers commented Feb 20, 2016

magit makes my life so much more pleasant it's almost ridiculous. I can't thank you enough for your amazing work.

I've donated a relatively modest amount (almost embarrassing considering the enormous number of hours you put in, but hopefully many others will join in) and will ask my employer (which employs many emacs users) if they can do the same.

Is your goal to find an employer or corporate sponsors to work exclusively on elisp? If you're open to other languages such as Ruby/Python and want to continue working on F/OSS without having to relocate anywhere then please do bear us in mind. Otherwise I would hope we could become a corporate sponsor although I can't promise anything.

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I also madea modestdonation. Thanks so much for magit, which has really made a difference to me.

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