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Last active May 17, 2023 22:27
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# This script will launch and configure a step-ca SSH Certificate Authority
# with OIDC and AWS provisioners
# See for full instructions
OIDC_CLIENT_ID="[OAuth client ID]" # from Google
OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET="[OAuth client secret]" # from Google
ALLOWED_DOMAIN="[the domain name of accounts your users will use to sign to Google]"
CA_NAME="[A name for your CA]"
ROOT_KEY_PASSWORD="[A password for your CA's root key]"
curl -sLO
dpkg -i step-ca_0.24.2_amd64.deb
curl -sLO
dpkg -i step-cli_0.24.4_amd64.deb
# All your CA config and certificates will go into $STEPPATH.
export STEPPATH=/etc/step-ca
mkdir -p $STEPPATH
chmod 700 $STEPPATH
echo $ROOT_KEY_PASSWORD > $STEPPATH/password.txt
# Add a service to systemd for our CA.
cat<<EOF > /etc/systemd/system/step-ca.service
Description=step-ca service
ExecStart=/usr/bin/step-ca ${STEPPATH}/config/ca.json --password-file=${STEPPATH}/password.txt
LOCAL_IP=`curl -s`
PUBLIC_IP=`curl -s`
AWS_ACCOUNT_ID=`curl -s | grep accountId | awk '{print $3}' | sed 's/"//g' | sed 's/,//g'`
# Set up our basic CA configuration and generate root keys
step ca init --ssh --name="$CA_NAME" \
--address=":443" --provisioner="$EMAIL" \
# Add the Google OAuth provisioner, for user certificates
step ca provisioner add Google --type=oidc --ssh \
--client-id="$OIDC_CLIENT_ID" \
--client-secret="$OIDC_CLIENT_SECRET" \
--configuration-endpoint="$OPENID_CONFIG_ENDPOINT" \
# Add the AWS provisioner, for host bootstrapping
step ca provisioner add "Amazon Web Services" --type=AWS --ssh \
# The sshpop provisioner lets hosts renew their ssh certificates
step ca provisioner add SSHPOP --type=sshpop --ssh
# Use Google (OIDC) as the default provisioner in the end user's
# ssh configuration template.
sed -i 's/\%p$/%p --provisioner="Google"/g' /etc/step-ca/templates/ssh/config.tpl
service step-ca start
echo "export STEPPATH=$STEPPATH" >> /root/.profile
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