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Last active Feb 17, 2020
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Speedquotes data
"1": "i hate speedrunner's this is not beating it this is exploting..",
"2": "Speedrunning: Dying Art",
"3": "I never get these speed runs when they have to glitch the game pointless.",
"4": "Taking chances from glitches, bad!",
"5": "Speedrunner is my mom😐😐",
"6": "its cheating and the PC version looks blurry",
"7": "Speed running is perversion of gaming, never support it",
"8": "Speedrunners ruin video games",
"9": "Who cares?? I'm sure a lot of people have done speedruns like this because. This guy ain't special 😂",
"10": "this is cheating",
"11": "I'm sorry I really don't see this as a speed run since he's not playing it normally like it should be",
"12": "The Outer Worlds speed run was an actual speed run. This is no better than hacking your way to the end of a game. Who cares?! It takes no skill to cheat.",
"13": "Glitches don't count as speed run",
"14": "Speed runs don't count to me when glitches are exploited.",
"15": "Speed runners= The trash kids who can’t play games so they speed run to make themselves feel better",
"16": "How does this count as a speed run? Doesn't even play the game. Glitches his way past everything. THIS IS NOT A SPEED RUN. Same goes for the Batman Arkham City \"Speedrun\".",
"17": "I always hate this speedrunner things. It’s the journey that counts, not the destination. If like this, beat em up story can finish in 10min if play in very easy mode.",
"18": "Wonder how many times this guy had to run through this game. Far better things to do in life. I bet he celebrated this too.",
"19": "Why anyone would purposefully strive to play less of a game they want to play is beyond me. Well, unless it was golf. The whole concept of golf is to see who can play less golf. The whole purpose of Titanfall is to use your titan to blow the shit out of other titans, not sneak around them with wall hacks.",
"20": "Are u dumb 😐😐😑How can u call that a game, how do you even enjoy that, that is no fun. You're just skipping everything and rushing through. How do you enjoy this😡😡😡😡. Are you like that also in the cinema's you just tell the to speed up the movie or what.",
"21": "oh NOOOO it was going so well. but then they glitched through the level.... Damn I really need to stop watching speedrun occasionally as I lose all respect for the run when they break the levels of the game. Physics is fine. but breaking levels is just wrong. No one when making a triple A game has the time to face hug every single wall to make sure they are solid.",
"22": "Who the hell cares? If you are cheating to get your \"speed run\" I would not consider that a valid speed run.",
"23": "Look cheater play the game. Why would i want to watch that crap?",
"24": "you need to edit the title to 'glitched speed run', whoever says the term speedrun universally includes glitches is a moron.",
"25": "boring and shameful speedrun. easiest difficulty. anyone can do that",
"26": "Sigh, ... nobody gives a crap if glitches are legitimate in speedruns. The fact is that those runs are terribly boring. It's the same as watching a sprinter use a shortcut right across the field instead of running a full lap.",
"27": "Glitches... what a shame. No real record for me.",
"28": "Cheater🖕🏻🖕🏻",
"29": "Glitching through the game doesn't count moron -_-",
"30": "Glitching is not a speed run its a cheat run",
"31": "cheating and hacking isnt a speedrun its just straight up cheating",
"32": "bull. this was edited and modded. he walked right thru that first door. Bull $hit... downvote and report these lies.",
"33": "U fking dumb",
"34": "speedrunning is boring enough but cheating the clock by glitching out of the game is lame",
"35": "49 mins. is not a speedrun. if it's not under 20 it doesn't count. end of discussion.",
"36": "This is what I called stupidity 😂",
"37": "i see BUGrunners or glitchrunner but where is speedruner?",
"38": "So we praise the losers that use glitches and cheats to do speedruns? Wow",
"39": "Inclined to agree. Games aren't meant to be played quickly, they should be savoured. Plus, why would people want to ruin a game they love by studying every frame and glitch to \"perfect\" their run?",
"40": "Speedruns ruin games! \n\nI once watched a speedrun of Portal 2 - my favorite game of all time and it was like if somebody tore this masterpiece to shreds and just squeeze and glitch through this game & even being proud of it! #Disgusting",
"41": "I had to savor this game as it is a work of art..... Speed runs are just dumb... and boring...",
"42": "This is so lame. hes not even playing the game at this point...\nwhat are we even doing here...",
"43": "Curious 🤔.... Is it really a \"speed run\" when you clip beyond the boundaries of f the game???",
"44": "Garbage game. Created by garbage people. Beaten fast by someone with a very garbage life.",
"46": "I just hate improper “”speedruns””..... exploits are just like cheats when playing real 💥",
"47": "There no way u can finish this game in a hour.",
"48": "\"top 10 in titanfall 2 is free\" - BloodThunder",
"49": "What is statement behind wearing beanie hat indoors and black finger nails for guy?"
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