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Command to run:
ssh -L 2222:localhost:8501
where 2222 is the local port mapping it can be any number above 1000
where localhost must be set to localhost and refers to your current connection
where 8501 is the port you will be opening up on the remote machine
where is the first hop in your quest for internal access
Now hit return and log into your remote box
Now inside your remote box run
ssh -D 8501
Where -D 8501 is the same mapping you made earlier, we're extending it, and making it a Socks5 proxy is the server you always wanted access to.
now open firefox and go to preferences->network
click the settings button
check manual proxy configuration
in SOCKS Host put port 2222
make sure SOCKS v5 is selected
click ok
BAM your done! :) now you are able to view sites served through that second hop machine :) whoot!
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Many thanks, I've been looking for a solution for a long time and your advice eventually helped me sort it out.

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