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Last active March 15, 2022 21:01
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A Sass color getter that also handles transparency
// Color names come from
// The color values can be any valid color format: hex, rgb, hsl, CSS color names,
// etc. But probably best _not_ to use CSS color names.
$palette: (
'black': #000,
'cornflower-blue': #55abf2,
'grey': #808080,
'fire-engine-red': #d12118,
'forest-green': #20a037,
'limeade': #56b02c,
'maya-blue': #78bffa,
'nero': #171717,
'pelorous': #2a7dc2,
'rio-grande': #bfce18,
'saffron': #f0c63b,
'silver-sand': #bcbbb8,
'smalt': #004d8d,
'white': #fff,
'wild-sand': #efedea,
// Get the named color from our color map, with optional opacity.
// @param string $color A named color found in our $colors map.
// @param number $opacity Desired opacity, defaulting to 1 (full opacity).
// @return color The requested color with the alpha value. Remember that "color" is a value type of its own in Sass.
@function get-color( $color, $opacity: 1 ) {
// Check to make sure the named color we requested exists in our $colors map.
@if map-has-key( $palette, $color ) {
// If so, return the color value along with the alpha channel value.
@return transparentize( map-get( $palette, $color ), 1 - $opacity );
// If the requested color name was not found in our map, return magenta instead
// (so it's obvious that something is wrong without completely erroring out).
@return #f0f;
// Usage:
a {
color: get-color( 'pelorous' );
.semi-transparent-background {
background: get-color( 'forest-green', 0.5 );
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bishless commented Sep 5, 2019

So many fistbumps. This is great work!

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taupecat commented Sep 6, 2019

So many fistbumps. This is great work!

Thank you!

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