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A handy elisp function for inserting, toggling or moving Clojure's #_ reader macro.
(defun dss/clojure-ignore-form ()
"Inserts, toggles, or moves Clojure's #_ ignore-next-form reader macro."
(flet ((in-string-p () (eq 'string (syntax-ppss-context (syntax-ppss))))
(in-comment-p () (eq 'comment (syntax-ppss-context (syntax-ppss)))))
(skip-chars-forward " ")
(while (in-string-p)
;; switch from a comment to an ignore form, if paredit is enabled
;; This bit might not work if mark-sexp fails inside the comment.
((and (featurep 'paredit)
(or (looking-at-p ";") (in-comment-p))
(looking-at-p "[ ;]*\("))
(insert "#_")))
;; if the command is repeated move the ignore macro up a syntax level
((and (equal last-command this-command)
(> (syntax-ppss-depth (syntax-ppss)) 0)
(looking-back "#_ *" (- (point) 5)))
(replace-match "")
(insert "#_")))
;; if the cursor is right on top of the ignore macro, remove it
((looking-at-p "#_")
(delete-char 2))
;; ditto, if in the middle of it
((and (looking-at-p "_")
(looking-back "#"))
(progn (backward-char)
(delete-char 2)))
;; if an outer form is already ignored, un-ignore (sic) it
(while (and (> (syntax-ppss-depth (syntax-ppss)) 0)
(not (looking-back "#_ *" (- (point) 10))))
(looking-back "#_ *" (- (point) 10)))
(save-excursion (replace-match "")))
;; else, just ignore this form
(t (insert "#_")))))
;;; add this (or another key) to your clojure-mode-hook
;;; (define-key clojure-mode-map (kbd "M-'") 'dss/clojure-ignore-form)
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