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dash core troubleshooting

Problem: Your wallet or masternode stops syncing the blockchain

How do I know? You notice that your block count (found with getinfo or getblockcount) is not increasing with the chain.

Note: You can find the most current blockcount at (testnet) or (mainnet)

# This is a testnet block example
# An example from my test masternode, note, I have my configuration and datadir in non-upstream-default locations
[root@f2500 ~]# sudo -u dash dash-cli -conf=/etc/dashcore/dash.conf -datadir=/var/lib/dashcore getblockcount

How do I fix it?

[root@f2500 ~]# sudo -u dash dash-cli -conf=/etc/dashcore/dash.conf -datadir=/var/lib/dashcore mnsync reset
  • Then "reconsider" that last block with reconsiderblock...
[root@f2500 ~]# sudo -u dash dash-cli -conf=/etc/dashcore/dash.conf -datadir=/var/lib/dashcore reconsiderblock 0000004b5f21a8a6ce79dd3fcb674f6a0b1f5dc089b03b20c14d27fcc60900b8
[root@f2500 ~]# 

Start watching the blockcount, it should increment.

watch sudo -u dash dash-cli -conf=/etc/dashcore/dash.conf -datadir=/var/lib/dashcore getblockcount
  • If you get a Block not found error after using the reconsiderblock command, you either typo'ed or you need to reindex your blockchain (probably on a fork)

If you are running dashd the daemon:

# Do this as root
systemctl stop dash
sudo -u dash dashd -conf=/etc/dashcore/dash.conf -datadir=/var/lib/dashcore -reindex
``do -u dash dash-cli -conf=/etc/dashcore/dash.conf -datadir=/var/lib/dashcore stop

If you are running GUI wallet instead

  • exit from the GUI interface
  • and then run it again, but this time from the commandline, and with the -reindex option: dash-qt -reindex
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