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Celery example with tasks of varying length + -Ofair
# tested with celery[redis]==3.1.17
# to run with default configuration -- tasks will take 14 seconds to complete the 20 tasks in start_all() below
celery worker -A cluster_project.celery_app -Q tester -lINFO --concurrency=4
# to run with -Ofair -- tasks will take 10 seconds to complete
celery worker -A cluster_project.celery_app -Q tester -lINFO --concurrency=4 -Ofair
import time
from cluster_project import celery_app
# To run this contrived example:
# 1. start worker with -Ofair or not
# 2. call start_all() and watch celery worker output
def start_all():
for i in range(19):
def slow_task():
print 'starting slow task'
print 'done with slow task'
def fast_task(i):
print 'starting fast task %d' % i
print 'done with fast task %d' % i

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@sohamnavadiya sohamnavadiya commented Aug 7, 2018

What is @celery_app here. Can you share it also. it would be great for me.


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@sr105 sr105 commented Jan 25, 2019

Might be nice to change the imports as follows so it's easier for anyone to run:

from celery import Celery

celery_app = Celery('tasks', broker='redis://localhost')

and run as celery worker -A tasks ...


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@w00lf w00lf commented Mar 13, 2019

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