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Created November 22, 2018 16:04
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new 'smart' playbook and supporting files
apply_cat1: yes
apply_cat2: yes
apply_cat3: no
update_all: no
password: ""
login_banner: |
!! NOTICE - This is a PRIVATE computing system !!
All activity is monitored and any unauthorized access will be reported
to the authorities. Disconnect now if you do not agree to these terms.
# length:
# age:
# min:
# max:
# reuse:
# unix:
# cracklib:
# auth:
# sufficient:
policy: minimal
state: permissive
rhel7stig_cat1: "{{ apply_cat1 }}"
rhel7stig_cat2: "{{ apply_cat2 }}"
rhel7stig_cat3: "{{ apply_cat3 }}"
rhel7stig_logon_banner: "{{ login_banner }}"
rhel7stig_update_all_packages: "{{ not package is defined or package.update_all }}"
rhel7stig_bootloader_password: "{{ not bootloader is defined or bootloader.password }}"
# !disable 'exec' on NFS
rhel_07_021021: false
rhel_07_020210: "{{ not selinux is defined or selinux.state | default('disabled', true) != 'disabled' }}"
rhel_07_020220: "{{ rhel_07_020220 }}"
- hosts: all
- set_fact:
# useful? accessed via ansible_local.<fact>
basedir: "{{ playbook_dir }}"
# TODO can't pass this in via '--extra-vars "factory_basedir=<path>' from Packer
# because it's retarded and doesn't process --extra_vars et. al. as a Template
factory_basedir: lookup('env', 'FACTORY_BASEDIR')
- setup: filter=ansible_local
- group_by:
key: "{{ansible_facts.os_family}}{{ansible_facts.distribution_major_version}}"
- ansible_facts.distribution
# distro == osfamily causes duplicate parent, WHEN conditional not supported
#- ansible_facts.os_family
- hosts: RedHat6
gather_facts: false
become: yes
- import_role:
name: RHEL6-STIG
- hosts: RedHat7
gather_facts: false
become: yes
- import_role:
name: RHEL7-STIG
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