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python-bitmath - Now available in Fedora repositories! More at
$ yum info python-bitmath
Available Packages
Name : python-bitmath
Arch : noarch
Version : 1.0.4
Release : 1.fc20
Size : 23 k
Repo : updates/20/x86_64
Summary : Aids representing and manipulating sizes in various prefix
: notations
License : BSD
Description : bitmath simplifies many facets of interacting with file sizes in
: various units. Examples include: converting between SI and NIST
: prefix units (GiB to kB), converting between units of the same
: type (SI to SI, or NIST to NIST), basic arithmetic operations
: (subtracting 42KiB from 50GiB), and rich comparison operations
: (1024 Bytes == 1KiB).
: In addition to the conversion and math operations, bitmath
: provides human readable representations of values which are
: suitable for use in interactive shells as well as larger scripts
: and applications.
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