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Backbone.Collection caching by URL
* backbone.collectioncache.js v0.0.2
* Copyright 2012, Tim Branyen (@tbranyen)
* backbone.collectioncache.js may be freely distributed under the MIT license.
(function(window) {
"use strict";
// Dependencies
var Backbone = window.Backbone;
var _ = window._;
var $ = window.$;
// If session doesn't exist, simply use a plain object.
var sessionStorage = window.sessionStorage || {};
// Maintain an in-memory cache.
function Cache() {}
// Set the prototype to sessionStorage.
Cache.prototype = sessionStorage;
// Create a new Cache.
var cache = new Cache();
// Override sync on Collections, allowing them to cache.
Backbone.Collection.prototype.sync = function(method, collection, options) {
// Get the correct URL.
var url = _.isFunction(collection.url) ? collection.url() : collection.url;
// Check for cache property and if an existing cache exists.
if (collection.cache === true && cache[url]) {
// Extract from sessionStroage and place into memory.
if (_.isString(cache[url])) {
cache[url] = JSON.parse(cache[url]);
// Trigger the success with the correct data.
options.success.apply(this, cache[url]);
// Emulate the jqXHR.
return $.Deferred().resolve();
// Call out to default implementation.
var jqXHR = Backbone.sync.apply(this, arguments);
// Wait until complete and if successful, cache!
jqXHR.then(function() {
cache[url] = _.toArray(arguments);
sessionStorage[url] = JSON.stringify([arguments[0], "success", {}]);
// Emulate normal Sync.
return jqXHR;

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valekask commented Apr 6, 2013

Nice to have a feature to invalidate cache after edit or create cached entity.

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