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Ted Brunzie tbrunz

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tbrunz / HOWTO-setup-SSH-in-Win7-10.txt
Last active August 18, 2020 02:15
HOW TO Set Up an SSH Server in Windows 7/10
View HOWTO-setup-SSH-in-Win7-10.txt
SSH on Windows 7 ("The full awesome implementation")
22 Dec 2019 Update: Corrected paths for PuTTY; Clarifications for some steps;
11 Dec 2017 Update: Added full paths for Task Manager 'Action' items;
15 Aug 2016 Update: Added .bashrc alias for 'ping';
View pharo-booklet-list.txt
What I consider "The most useful Pharo booklets"
(with revision dates as of 07/21/2020):
View pharo-bug-reports.txt
How do I submit a bug report for Pharo?
Here's how to submit a Pharo bug report. Fortunately, GitHub makes it easy and
Start by surfing to, then find the particular
Pharo project that's involved. In most cases, you'll probably want the "pharo"
repo: (Note that if you enter a bug
report in the wrong repo, the devs can easily move it to where it belongs. But
do try to get the correct one; it will speed things up for everyone.)
tbrunz / Lua-Case-Statement.lua
Last active March 9, 2020 16:18
Lua metatables demonstrated by implementing a Lua 'case statement' object
View Lua-Case-Statement.lua
#! /usr/bin/env lua
-- Lua metatables demonstrated by implementing a Lua 'case statement' object.
-- Show test results of executing a case statement.
tbrunz / Lua-Closures.lua
Last active December 25, 2022 21:08
A simple Lua app to demonstrate the principles of lexical closures
View Lua-Closures.lua
#! /usr/bin/env lua
-- A simple Lua app to demonstrate the principles of lexical closures.
tbrunz / LuaFileSystem.txt
Last active July 21, 2020 01:27
View LuaFileSystem.txt
LuaFileSystem - LuaRocks
iter, dir_obj, [nil] = lfs.dir( path )
'dir' is a Lua iterator over the entries of a given directory, where 'iter'
is the iterator closure, 'dir_obj' is the invariant state, and the control
variable initial value is nil. Error raised if 'path' is not a directory.
Each time the iterator is called, it returns a directory entry's name as a
tbrunz / Why-is-Lua-So-Cool.txt
Last active September 1, 2022 22:37
What makes Lua a cool programming language?
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What makes Lua a cool programming language?
* You can mix imperative, OOP, or functional programming styles.
* Can execute as a file, interactively in a REPL[1], or be embedded.
* Highly portable, extensible, and has an excellent C API[2].
* Compact and headless; you add packages to extend capabilities.
* Supports packages and modules[3]; package manager is 'LuaRocks'.
* Dynamic typing[4] & dynamic structures; easily polymorphic.
tbrunz / Pharo-Getting-Started.txt
Last active December 18, 2022 23:10
Tips on getting started with Pharo Smalltalk
View Pharo-Getting-Started.txt
Tips on getting started with Pharo Smalltalk:
The Pharo Playground & Transcript
The Pharo IDE (specifically, a Playground plus the Transcript) is very useful
for creating and executing "code snippets" or even entire scripts in Pharo.
It's very easy to get a Pharo IDE installed and running by just downloading and
installing Pharo Launcher from, cloning a template image,
then launching the image.
tbrunz / Pharo-ProfStef-Notes.txt
Last active December 19, 2022 01:08
Notes on running ProfStef, the "quick-start" tutorial for Pharo Smalltalk
View Pharo-ProfStef-Notes.txt
Notes on running ProfStef, the "quick-start" tutorial for Pharo Smalltalk:
Where to find ProfStef
'ProfStef' is a 15-minute introduction to Pharo that's built into every Pharo
image template. ProfStef will guide you through a "hands-on" tutorial of the
entire Pharo syntax in 29 steps, using the Pharo IDE. To run it, you need to
open a Pharo image; start by downloading and installing the Pharo Launcher app
for your host platform from, then clone any template to make